Molten lava Milo pau now a thing in S'pore, S$3.70 for 4 on Shopee

Stylo Milo.

Karen Lui | October 27, 2021, 01:48 PM

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Salted egg molten lava buns, step aside.

Milo molten lava buns, take your place.

Milo, the malted chocolate drink, is now officially made into a pau.

Wholemeal Molten Milo Lava Pau

Frozen dim sum merchant SMH Food launched a Wholemeal Molten Milo Lava Pau on Oct. 1.

If you can't tell from the product name, it's essentially molten lava Milo contained in a bun.

At the time of writing, 1,000 packs of these buns have been sold with over 300 reviews.

Image via SMH Food's Shopee page.

With a pack of four typically selling for S$4.20, each bun costs S$1.05, which leans on the pricier side for frozen buns.

The price also does not include potential shipping fees.

However, the merchant occasionally sells it at a discounted rate and you can qualify for free shipping if your order exceeds S$50.

Taste test

When we got our hands on the buns, we were a little concerned about achieving the ideal molten lava state of the bun filling that was promised on the packaging.

A number of reviews on the product page complained that their bun filling turned out to be hard and dry after steaming.

Both of our separate bun-steaming attempts for about 6 minutes on the stove yielded similar results — viscous Milo filling that wasn't watery enough for the perfect flowy molten lava shot.

First (left) and second (right) attempts. Photos by Karen Lui.

Perhaps due to our high expectations as a Milo fan, the taste was a tad underwhelming.

We appreciate that it is not that sweet but were hoping for a stronger malty flavour that appears to be overpowered by the rich chocolatey taste.

We're still considering if we should repurchase it, suggesting that it might not be as "extremely addictive" as it claims to be.

You can click here to order the Milo Pau.

Chilli crab buns and bunny buns

Is buying S$25.89 (inclusive of shipping fees) worth of frozen buns at one go indicative of a quarter-life crisis? Photo by Karen Lui.

This gluttonous writer who wanted to maximise the S$3.99 flat shipping fee also took the opportunity to try three other buns from the merchant.

The Mini Bunny Pau (S$4 for pack of eight) looks cute and tastes like a typical lotus paste bun.

Cute but pretty basic Mini Bunny Pau. Photos by Karen Lui.

The Chilli Crab Pau (S$6.90 for pack of eight) packs a nice kick but can be improved with more filling.

Chilli Crab Pau. Photo by Karen Lui.

A few reviewers likened the Wholemeal Gula Melaka Kaya Pau with Shredded Coconut (S$6.80 for pack of eight) to tutu kueh and ondeh ondeh so we had to try it.

Alas, it just tasted like soggy tutu kueh, which isn't necessarily bad if that's what you fancy. It just did not live up to our (unrealistic?) expectations.

Wholemeal Gula Melaka Kaya Pau with Shredded Coconut. Photo by Karen Lui.

They also have other interesting pau flavours like Matcha Azuki (S$5.40), Teh Tarik (S$6.80), Coffee (S$3.75), and Roasted Canton Duck Pau (S$5.40).

Other unconventional dim sum include Laksa Siew Mai (S$12) and Curry Chicken Loh Mai Kai (S$6).

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Muslim dim sum lovers can also check out their selection of Halal-certified offerings.

Click here to access their full range of items

Will be available at FairPrice and Sheng Siong stores soon

Customers who prefer purchasing items directly from supermarkets can look forward to doing so soon.

According to a comment in their Instagram post, SMH Food is "in the process of loading the shelves, and stock will be available at all FairPrice and Sheng Siong stores in the next two weeks".

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Top images by SMH Food and Karen Lui.

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