'Massive' infestation of cockroaches & dead rodent in Proofer bakery premises & delivery trucks

The S'pore Food Agency has ordered Proofer Bakery to recall food products distributed to Proofer's 16 retail outlets.

Nigel Chua | October 26, 2021, 11:13 PM

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The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) said in a statement today (Oct. 26) that it has suspended the food business operations of Proofer Bakery Pte. Ltd. at the KA Foodlink building along Kampong Ampat.

This follows an inspection of the premises by SFA earlier on Oct. 26, which revealed that there was a massive pest infestation in the food preparation areas and food delivery trucks.

There were "live cockroaches, rodent activity, and dead rodent", SFA said.

"In addition, several lapses relating to poor maintenance of the premises were observed," added the statement.

Product recall from Proofer's 16 retail outlets

SFA said that it directed Proofer Bakery to rectify the lapses and take necessary measures to improve the food safety practices and the cleanliness of its premises.

As a precautionary measure, SFA has also directed the company to recall food products that have been distributed to Proofer’s 16 retail outlets.

"Food safety is a joint responsibility as food can be contaminated anywhere along the food chain. While SFA continues to be vigilant and works to ensure that regulatory measures are in place and properly enforced, the industry and consumers must also play their part," said the agency.

It added that enforcement action would be taken against food operators who do not adhere to regulations or comply with food safety requirements, and warned of punishments including fines of up to S$10,000, imprisonment for up to a year, or both.

SFA also said that members of the public who come across poor food safety practices in food establishments are "advised not to patronise them".

They can instead provide feedback via SFA's online feedback form (www.sfa.gov.sg/feedback) with details for SFA's follow-up investigations.

Proofer Boulangerie says it is "closed for cleaning" on social media

On the Proofer Boulangerie Facebook and Instagram pages, posts were put up in the evening on Oct. 26 saying that they were "closed for today's operation of area cleaning process".

"Business shall resume tomorrow," said the posts, which apologised for inconvenience caused.

The posts were signed off by "proofer management team".

Top photos from Proofer Boulangerie on Facebook and via Google Maps street view

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