Indonesian-style mee goreng 'cake' from S$36 is dinner & dessert all in one

Tell me you love mee goreng without actually telling me you love mee goreng.

Karen Lui | October 15, 2021, 03:50 PM

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Cakes may be a staple for birthdays and other celebratory occasions, but not everyone likes it (alarming but true).

If you prefer savoury to sweet, you can still have your cake and eat it, thanks to home-based bakery Nyonya Pantry Sg.

Shaped like a cake

Known as the Mie Goreng Indonesia Style "Cake", the item comprises noodles coated with sweet soy sauce and Indonesian spices, fishcakes, eggs, and vegetables.

According to Dian, the baker (if that's the right term) behind Nyonya Pantry, the mee goreng is not Indomie, but handmade egg noodles that are quite similar.

You can choose between two sizes: small (S$36), which can feed three, or large (S$53), good for six people.

Small cake with six prawns. Photo by on Instagram.

The cake is topped with two red-shelled boiled eggs, with the option to have a name or word spelt out with carrots.

Dian shared that the rose omelettes are popular and often requested by customers.

The "cake" also comes with acar, chilli, fried shallots, and candles that are packed separately.

For a touch of luxury, customers can add on three (+S$6) or six (+S$12) prawns.

For another S$3, you can also make your noodles defy gravity.

Large size with "flying noodles". Photo by on Instagram.

Customers are reminded to inform Dian of any allergies, especially to seafood, and if they are going for the non-spicy option.

If you need to cater to both spice and non-spice eaters, the following options allow for both:

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Those who want it extra spicy will receive extra chilli padi on the side for the extra kick, Dian said.

In order to preserve the springiness of the noodles and appearance of the cake during delivery, the "cake" is not set in a mould, but held in place with a plastic strip instead.

Hence, you will not be able to perform the traditional cake-cutting ritual, and will have to scoop out the noodles on your own.

Diners are also recommended to consume the "cake" immediately as it will be slightly warm upon delivery.

You can only warm up the food when you've transferred it into a separate bowl or pan so make sure you've gotten all your pictures and videos first.

Dian also told Mothership that the cake was made for her husband's birthday in April this year.

She then came up with the noodle cake as noodles were his annual birthday dish (symbolising longevity), adding to the fact that he dislikes conventional cakes.

Other items

Dian also sells other items like grilled rice (S$7-$S7.50) and Nasi Uduk Pandan (S$10), which are not available every day.

They are typically open for pre-orders once or twice a month, which will be announced on Instagram.

However, as the baker is currently busy with noodle cakes, these dishes are not available this month.

Ordering and delivery

Orders can only be made via WhatsApp at 97831074.

However, we were told by Nyonya Pantry that they are currently busy pre-existing orders and fully booked for October.

Slots for November will be announced via Instagram next week.

Delivery will be handled by Lalamove service and fees will be charged according to distance in the Lalamove app.

Self-collection is also available.

For more information and updates, hop over to the Instagram page

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