World’s first 500ml bottle of iced MILO now available in S’pore

More MILO, more iced, more shiok.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | October 29, 2021, 11:55 AM

If there’s one thing MILO fans can agree on, it’s that one cup is never enough.

World’s first 500ml bottle of iced MILO

To quench the thirst of MILO lovers, MILO has recently launched the world’s first 500ml bottle of iced MILO.

These bottles were actually developed in response to consumer requests for a 500ml version over the years:

Image via @bigdbangla on Instagram

As you can see, each bottle is bigger and with more MILO than before, making it wayyyy more shiok to drink.

Image via @qingxiangsqx on Instagram

When I personally tried it, the MILO tasted super smooth and chocolatey, without getting diluted.

This bottled iced milo is also conveniently portable and will last you through the day.

The drink is now available nationwide at all super hypermarkets, convenience stores and e-retailers.

Image via @nicolettemarie on TikTok

Head down to your nearest store to try it out and let us know your level of shiok-ness.

This sponsored article by MILO made this writer thirsty for some good ol’ iced milo.

Top image via MILO