Man, believed to have ties with S'pore, films husky puppy with muzzle & paws taped

He could be heard laughing off-camera.

Karen Lui | October 19, 2021, 02:59 PM

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A man, believed to have links with Singapore, shared videos on social media of a husky puppy with its muzzle and front paws taped together, which has been circulating widely on the Internet.

It appears that this was not the first time the dog has been subjected to such treatment, as more pictures of the dog in a similar predicament taken previously were also shared by others.

Scruffing and taping muzzle and paws

A 36-second screen recording of a series of Instagram Stories (IGS) by a user with the handle @bryanngomez showed the husky in states of distress.

The video was shared on Facebook and Instagram on Oct. 18.

Video by @bryanngomez on Instagram.

The first video shows a person scruffing the dog who appears to be stuck in the grills of a gate.

The person who scruffed the dog was also recording a video on his own phone while repeating "Go back" in Mandarin.

The cameraman continues recording and remarks, "Stupid dog," before sniggering while watching the dog struggle to free itself.

Video by @bryanngomez on Instagram.

In the second video, the dog is shown indoors, with clear tape wrapped around its muzzle and paws.

The dog continuously licks its lips forlornly as the person recording says, "Tie up," before giggling.

The video bears the caption "555555," which means "hahahahahaha" in Thai as the number "five" sounds like "ha".

In the third video, the husky's muzzle and paws remain bound with tape while the person recording says, "Bad dog" while wagging a finger at it.

Video by @bryanngomez on Instagram.

According to online comments, these incidents took place in Thailand where the Instagram user @bryanngomez is supposedly residing now.

@bryanngomez has since defended his actions in a follow-up Instagram Story by claiming that the husky's muzzle was taped "for only 1 min".

Screen shot via Instagram.

A screen shot of a text conversation that allegedly took place with the accused via his girlfriend's account surfaced on social media as well.

Screen shot via Instagram.

The Instagram and Twitter profiles of @bryanngomez have been deactivated at the time of writing.

Past incidents

Other screen shots of previous incidents involving taping up same dog have also been circulating online.

Screen shot via @kathryn.xiian on Instagram.

Screen shot via by @kathryn.xiian on Instagram.

Screen shot via @baoer_bowie on Instagram.

In a screen recording posted under another user who is rumoured to be the dog's owner, @baoer_bowie's Instagram highlights feature a video of the dog with its head shaking from side to side with high-pitched laughter in the background.

Video via @baoer_bowie on Instagram.

The larger caption in the video translates as, "A dog who has eaten weed."

In another video, the husky was restrained by a person who has their fingers wrapped around his muzzle.

Video via @baoer_bowie on Instagram.

It is unclear why the dog has been restrained in such a manner but the "Sound On!" sticker on the Instagram story encourages viewers to turn the sound on to hear the pitiful whines of the dog.

Authorities have been notified

In response to Mothership's queries, SPCA's executive director Jaipal Singh Gill revealed that the SPCA has reported the case to the authorities for enforcement action.

SPCA also thanked everyone who has spoken out about the case and are grateful that some of the alleged abuser's contacts are stepping forward to provide information about him.

Anyone with specific and first-hand information can email [email protected], they said.

SPCA added:

"It is heart-breaking to see an animal treated in this way. There are unfortunately some people in our society who will abuse animals for various reasons, and we must always be vigilant and do everything we can to prevent and stop the cruelty."

For the minimum standards for animal housing, management, and care that pet owners are expected to comply, you can refer to the Code of Animal Welfare (for pet owners) by Animal Veterinary Service (AVS) of the National Parks Board (NParks).

Top images via @bryanngomez, @kathryn.xiian and @baoer_bowie on Instagram.