SBS Transit bus captain stops to escort huge snake to safety at North Buona Vista Road

Early morning s-s-surprise.

Fiona Tan | October 30, 2021, 03:29 PM

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Unlike most in Singapore who were likely asleep at 3:55am today (Oct. 30), a SBS Transit bus captain was getting ready for his day ahead and en route to work.

However, his morning very quickly took a turn after a run-in with a scaly roadblock: a huge snake.

Roadblock ahead

In his account of the incident on the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group, Avtar Sandhu said that it all began when he noticed "something in front" on the road.

At that time, Avtar was driving in the middle lane at North Buona Vista Road, and thought that it was simply another item that had fell off "any one of the lorries."

At the last minute of his approach, however, it dawned upon the bus captain that it was actually a snake on the road, and he slammed on the brakes immediately.

Avtar then pulled over and exited the bus through the back door to check on the reptile, which had gone under the bus.

The bus captain waited for the snake to emerge from its spot, which took about three minutes, before escorting it across the road from a safe distance away.

According to him, the snake was a python.

Commended for his kindness

One commenter estimated the reptile to be at least 2.5m in length, while another estimated higher and said it was three to four metres long.

Image screenshot from Singapore Wildlife Sightings/Facebook.

Image screenshot from Singapore Wildlife Sightings/Facebook.

Others in the comments commended Avtar for his kindness, and for saving the snake's life.

Image screenshot from Singapore Wildlife Sightings/Facebook.

In response to one of the comments, Avtar said was the "most nerve-racking" moment for him was when the snake was at risk of being run over by two cars driving past.

Recalling the close shave, Avtar added that the snake could also have been run over had he not been travelling in the centre lane.

This was the same lane where Avtar had stopped his bus earlier on, and where the snake quickly took refuge at from oncoming traffic.

However, time was not on the bus captain's side, as he was on duty was to pick up his colleagues.

While the entire incident took just five minutes, Avtar's journey was slightly delayed and he had to show his company the video to explain his delay.

In response to another comment, Avtar said he hoped to raise awareness and for "people to know that everything lying on the may not be trash."

Image screenshot from Singapore Wildlife Sightings/Facebook.

Image screenshot from Singapore Wildlife Sightings/Facebook.

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Top image from Avtar Sandhu/Facebook