Hong Kong actress turned top insurance agent owns S$8 million mansion in Sha Tin

Still very successful it seems.

Lean Jinghui | October 21, 2021, 06:58 PM

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While some might recognise former actress Agassi Wang Yu Huan, 65, for her roles in the classic Mr Vampire franchise, Wang has also made a name for herself in the insurance industry in recent years.

Wang acted in Mr Vampire II and IV. Via Mrs. Entertainment. YouTube

Wang with late actor Wu Ma. Via Mrs. Entertainment YouTube

According to 8days, Wang first became an insurance agent after retiring from the entertainment industry in the 90s.

In 2011. Via Agassi Yu Huan Wang(Agassi) Facebook

She is currently with Manulife, according to her Facebook profile.

Former actress-turned-insurance agent

8days reported that Wang has been named top advisor of the year with Manulife multiple times.

She is also purportedly the first woman to become senior regional director of the Hong Kong branch for the international insurance chain.

According to Hong Kong media site HK01, Wang's role as a top insurance agent has been serving her so well, that her annual salary continues to range in the tens of millions.

She currently lives in a HKD46 million house, which equates to about S$8 million.

Wang's S$8 million mansion

HK01 reported that Wang's S$8 million mansion is situated in Sha Tin, a neighbourhood in Hong Kong best known for its abundance of nature and lush greenery.

The mansion has been likened to a palatial oasis given that it is surrounded by hills and forests, and spans 2,600 square feet.

As a testament of her riches, Wang also often shares photos of her home on social media, especially when she hosts parties for her celebrity friends.

Via Agassi Yu Huan Wang(Agassi) Facebook

Via Agassi Yu Huan Wang(Agassi) Facebook

Via Agassi Yu Huan Wang(Agassi) Facebook

Via 小紅書 via HK01

The likes of Angie Chiu, Alex To and David Lui have visited Wang's house, according to HK01.

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Top images via Mrs. Entertainment YouTube and Agassi Yu Huan Wang(Agassi) Facebook