New single-diner collagen broth & army stew pots concept opens in Plaza Singapura

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Mandy How | October 11, 2021, 12:45 PM

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Fufu Pot has opened at Plaza Singapura.

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

The restaurant aims to attract a segment of the hotpot crowd with its one-pax pots that cater to individual dining.

These come in eight Asian flavours, where you can find both bold and conventional options.

However, prices vary quite widely among the flavours, starting from S$9.90 for a vegetarian mushroom pot and S$24.90 for the stinky tofu pot.

  • Mushroom (S$9.90)
  • Tomato (S$12.90)
  • Sichuan Mala (S$14.90 )
  • Korean Army Stew - (S$16.90)
  • Tonkotsu Miso (S$18.90)
  • White Curry (S$19.90)
  • Collagen (S$23.90)
  • Stinky Tofu (S$24.90)

The pots remind us of the individual shabu shabu sets you might find at Japanese chain restaurants, except Fufu's is bigger and comes in regional flavours.

Our meal at the media event was a Collagen Pot (S$23.90) that comes with a plethora of ingredients, including pork shabu, fish roe ball, pork balls, prawns, clams, scallops and vegetables.

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

Photo by Mandy How

The collagen soup leans on the lighter side, although we were told that they add a scoop of house-made collagen into every serving.

Some other broths of interest: The stinky tofu is much spicier than you would expect, but there's otherwise not much of a fermented "odour". Accessible for beginners, but perhaps not for those who want a hardcore stink.

Photo by Mandy How

On the other hand, the soup for the Korean army stew is actually quite viscous, and not too spicy.

Photo by Mandy How

If you want something unique, the White Curry Pot (S$19.90) is a Thai-inspired flavour made with a base of coconut milk curry.

There are also sides like Lollipop Chicken with Thai Sweet Chilli (S$6.50), Grilled Tteokbokki Skewers (S$4.80), and Crispy Prawn Fritters (S$5.80) on the menu:

Photo by Mandy How

Grilled tteokbokki was nice. Photo by Mandy How

The full menu here.

All pots at S$9.90

If you're planning to make a trip, you should probably make it within these couple of weeks: the restaurant is running a series of cascading promotions that start from all pots going for S$9.90 in the first week of its opening (yeah, even the S$24.90 one).

Here's the prices for the different weeks:

  • Oct. 8-17: S$9.90
  • Oct. 18-24: S$10.90
  • Oct. 25-31: S$11.90
  • Nov. 1-7: S$12.90

Its first weekend welcomed a healthy queue, so you'll likely have to wait for a bit on your visit.

Photo via Fufu Pot

Fufu Pot

Photo by Mandy How


Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Rd #06-07, Singapore 238839

Opening Hours: 11am t0 10pm, daily (last order at 9pm)

Top photo by Mandy How