S'pore Deliveroo rider brought to tears after kind customer gives him biscuits, packet drink & $2 tip

The small act of kindness made a big impact.

Jane Zhang | October 26, 2021, 02:59 PM

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A Deliveroo rider was so touched by the kindness of one of his customers after a long day of deliveries that he couldn't hold back the tears in his eyes.

12-hour nonstop deliveries

In an email to Mothership, the rider said that on Saturday (Oct. 23), he had started working at 8:30am.

Because it was a rainy weekend, he got a number of jobs and ended up doing a total of 20 trips, without having the chance to stop for his own meal.

During that time, he also dealt with "extreme heat" and "extreme rain", he said.

Out of the 20 trips, the rider did not receive a tip from any of the customers, but he said that this didn't bother him: "This wasn't an issue for me because I never expected or depended on tips."

However, by the end of the day, he said that he was "exhausted and feeling down", adding, "I mean it's Saturday and everyone is either dining with their family or out with friends, and here I am delivering food for close to 12 hours nonstop without a meal."

Instead, he kept himself going throughout the day by drinking energy drinks and 7-Eleven's S$1 promotional drinks.

Unexpectedly kind customer

During his last trip of the day, the rider was assigned to deliver a customer a single packet of a meal from Springleaf Prata Place.

As he cycled over to the customer's home in the rain, he received a message from the customer asking him to ride safely and to call when he reached.

The rider said that this kind of message is not uncommon, and assumed that the customer wanted to check his food upon arrival, in order to ensure that there wasn't spillage or leakage.

However, when the rider arrived at the block, he received another message from the customer, asking him to "say hello" once he reached as the customer had something for him.

The rider replied saying that he did not need anything from the customer, and that his kindness was enough: "I suspected a tip but in my mind, I would rather he kept it for his family, the gesture was enough to melt my heart."

Photo courtesy of Deliveroo rider.

When the rider reached the customer's unit, the customer was "eagerly waiting" at the gate.

He then opened the gate with a wide smile and gave the rider two packets of biscuits, a drink, and a S$2 tip, saying: "Thank you brother, this is for you."

Photo courtesy of Deliveroo rider.

The delivery rider said that the customer's gesture was "so genuine" that he wasn't even bothered that his food was slightly late.

After the rider thanked the customer for his kindness, he headed back downstairs. In the lift, he received another message from the customer, asking him to ride safely, as it was raining.

Photo courtesy of Deliveroo rider.

"Blown away" by customer's gesture

The delivery rider told Mothership that during the five months that he has been working as a Deliveroo rider, he has met a wide range of customers: nice ones, kind ones, weird ones, rude ones, and more.

He said that he has also been treated as a "virus hoarder", prevented from getting into the lift by others rushing in, and given not even one word of thanks from some customers after delivering their orders in the middle of horrible weather conditions.

On this particular Saturday night, though, he was "blown away" by the customer's kindness:

"I sat down under his block and consumed the biscuit and drink. I couldn't hold back the tears from my eyes. What a human being."

He went on to say that the customer "restored [his] faith in humanity" and made him want to "wake up tomorrow to risk [his] own safety in such times to make sure other folks get their food in their own comfortable homes".

"I still am not sure if he is real person or an Angel. I'm in absolute amazement."

Top photos via Deliveroo rider. 

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