Missing dog on 5-day free-range romp across Bedok & East Coast reunited with fosterer

Safe and sound.

Low Jia Ying | October 27, 2021, 05:22 PM

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The rogue mongrel who was seen sprinting down Bedok South Avenue 1 on Saturday (Oct. 23) has been found and reunited with his fosterer.

This put an end to the five-day doghunt for Chestnut the mongrel on Oct. 27 after much effort by "Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore" Facebook page, members of the public, and even an animal communicator.

Missing for almost five days

Chestnut first went missing after breaking free from his owners while on a walk on Oct. 23.

Later on the same day, he was spotted running down Bedok South Ave 1, heading towards Bedok Jetty.

However, no one was able to stop and catch the runaway dog.

According to updates from "Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore", Chestnut was sighted a few more times over the next four days, but attempts to catch him were futile.

Kept running away from rescuers

According to an update on Sunday evening, Chestnut was spotted by some stray feeders on Sunday afternoon relaxing in a field in the Tampines North area.

But he ran away once again when he spotted his rescuers.

A Tuesday afternoon update said that he was spotted several times along East Coast Beach.

The Facebook page noted that Chestnut was skittish, and advised people to avoid calling his name, chase, or approach him.

Finally reunited

Thankfully, an update today (Oct. 27) announced that Chestnut has finally been found and reunited with his fosterer, Jeff.

Chestnut seemed to be in good spirits, and relatively unharmed.

via Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore.

It was unclear how the dog was subdued.

The post thanked the many people who came forward to help find the "elusive" Chestnut, including an animal communicator.

It also said they have learnt from this episode and will be more careful with Chestnut from now.

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Top photos via ChainedDogAwarenessSingapore/FB and Alisa Chen/FB