Hikers use turbans & clothes to save 2 men from waterfall in Canada

Quick-thinking heroes.

Matthias Ang | October 22, 2021, 11:08 AM

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Two men who fell into a waterfall pool in Canada were rescued by five hikers who used turbans and other items of clothing as a makeshift rope, NBC News reported.

The incident happened in the Canadian province of British Columbia, at Golden Ears Provincial Park on Oct. 11.

A video of the incident, recorded by one of the men, Kuljinder Kinda, showed them throwing the makeshift rope to one of the men and helping to pull him to safety with encouragement above a fast-moving river.

Decided to improvise using the turbans and jackets

According to Kinda, who is Sikh, he had been hiking with his four friends when they were told by another group that two men had slipped on a rock, fallen into a pool above the waterfall and were unable to pull themselves to safety.

The group also asked them to call emergency services. However, there was no cellphone service, Kinda added.

Canadian media CTV News Vancouver reported that the men decided to improvise using their own jackets, along with the turbans worn by three of the hikers, to create a makeshift rope.

NBC News reported that the group then threw the 10-meter rope down to the stranded men and told them to tighten it before they pulled them up.

Kinda said that he was not scared for his own safety or his friends' and added, "In Sikhi (Sikhism), we are taught to help someone in any way we can with anything we have, even our turban."

Both of the men were able to pull themselves to safety with the group's help, and thanked Kinda and his friends before leaving.

Search and rescue praises group for their quick thinking

The hikers were subsequently praised by the manager of Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue, Richard Laing, for their quick thinking.

Laing was quoted by CTV News Vancouver as saying:

"Quite amazed. I'd never heard anything like that or seen anybody doing anything like that. I thought it was quite resourceful – they showed great presence of mind to put something together in such a short time."

He also said that the two men who had fallen in did not require medical aid, according to NBC News.

"We spoke briefly with them but only to make sure they were fine and did not require medical aid. They did say they did not see the warning signs regarding the hazards of approaching the falls."

In highlighting the importance of being careful around the park's creeks and rivers, Laing said:

"Several people are injured each year as a result of slips or falls. It seems about once every one to two years, someone will be swept over the falls and die as a result of their injuries."

Meanwhile, the five hikers have been hailed as heroes for their acts.

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