'Talk to rich people nicely, you're a poor girl': 2 S'porean women fined for verbally abusing auxiliary police officer

They were caught smoking outside a designated smoking area.

Syahindah Ishak | September 08, 2021, 06:09 PM

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Two women, aged 49 and 50, were fined S$3,000 each on Wednesday (Sep. 8) after pleading guilty to verbally abusing an auxiliary police officer.

According to court documents seen by Mothership, the two women are Koh Lee Yen and Chee Kam Fah. They are both Singaporean.

The victim is a 22-year-old Singaporean woman named Asyikah Suri Kamsari.

She was an auxiliary police officer appointed by the Director-General of Public Health, National Environmental Agency (NEA) as an authorised officer under the Environmental Public Health Act.

She was assigned to carry out enforcement duties against public health offences as determined by NEA.

Caught smoking outside designated smoking area

The incident occurred on Sep. 21, 2020.

Asyikah was carrying out enforcement duty together with her colleague when she spotted Chee and Koh smoking outside a designated smoking area near Lucky Plaza mall.

Asyikah and her colleague then approached Chee and Koh to ask for their particulars, for the purposes of issuing them with a summons for a smoking offence.

"Your salary how much, one thousand only one month I think"

While she was keying the particulars into her Electronic Handheld Terminal, Chee uttered the following words towards Asyikah, as stated in court documents:

  • "Your salary how much, one thousand only one month I think"
  • "Crazy"
  • "Talk to rich people nicely, you’re a poor girl"
  • "I tell you you careful walk fall down ah you, careful yourself, don’t bang to the car"
  • "So what, pay only what, I got money, ch***ye" (Hokkien for "vagina")

"You poor forever you know or not"

Koh also used words of a similar nature towards the Asyikah.

According to court documents, Koh said:

  • "Very crazy woman ah you"
  • "You shut up and ask for IC"
  • "You poor forever you know or not"
  • Crazy girl, better go back and hug your pillow and cry, your salary not enough for me to buy a pillow ah I tell you, stupid"
  • "Mo ga gau" ("No upbringing" in Cantonese)
  • "Shen jing bing" ("Crazy" in Mandarin)

Waved S$1,000 note at the officer

Court documents stated that Chee subsequently took out a S$1,000 note and waved it in Asyikah's face, whilst Koh told Asyikah that she should just "shut up and take the money”.

Chee and Koh’s antics were captured on Asyikah’s Body Worn Camera.

Asyikah later filed a police report at Orchard Neighbourhood Police Centre on the same day.

By using insulting words towards a public servant, in relation to the execution of her duty as a public servant, Koh and Chee has each committed an offence under s 6(1)(a) and punishable under s 6(3) of the Protection From Harassment Act (Cap 256A, 2015 Rev Ed).

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