Umno youth leader with garage full of supercars says he donates to at least 500 people a month

He said he helps "a mad number of people".

Faris Alfiq | September 04, 2021, 12:31 PM

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After a video of his supercars showroom-like garage went viral, Umno youth leader for Titiwangsa constituency, Nazir Hussin Akhtar Hussin, took to Instagram Live on Sep. 3 to clarify his position.

The 24-minute video which went live at 6pm was meant to be a "chit chat" session with his followers, with him using most of the time to react to online responses towards him and his supercars.

At the time of writing, the video had reached 22,824 views and 200 comments.

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Claimed that it's part of the opposition's agenda

Speaking in Malay, Nazir claimed that the video of his house and supercars, which was uploaded to Twitter, was done by a member of the opposition party, the PKR.

According to him, the purpose of opposition parties is to "spin" stories to make Umno look bad.

While he said that the headline of the article from "a Singapore news site" had no negative remarks about him, Nazir went on to claim that Mothership was "friendly with the DAP (an opposition party)".

He further accused Mothership of wanting to "destroy Umno".

"This is one of the opposition's evil ways to involve Umno in a game of perception", he said.

Mothership is not affiliated with any political parties.

Did not use taxpayers' money to fund his lifestyle

Following the backlash from netizens over the flaunting of his wealth at a sensitive time when many are finding it hard to make ends meet amid the pandemic, Nazir also claimed that he did not, in any way, use or misuse taxpayers' funds.

He reiterated to his "haters" and "ignorant" people that he was not elected into power so there was no way for him to tap into public funds.

As for his lavish lifestyle, Nazir opined that "it is not wrong for someone to be himself".

"I am just a normal guy. This is my lifestyle. I cannot please anyone. If I do something wrong, if I scam people, if I evade tax, it is easy to find me. I do not hide my lifestyle," he added during the session.

Busy with "backdoor and underground" work previously

Nazir clarified that it was only recently that he displayed his lifestyle and luxury living as after Barisan Nasional's loss during the 2018 general elections, he had more time in his hands.

"For those who just got to know me, I bought this house in 2010 but I did not post on my lifestyle much (on social media)," he said, and added that prior to that, he had too much "backdoor and underground" work.

He said he hopes that if he gets a better (political) position in the future, he does not need to "hide" his lifestyle.

"I don't have to be a hypocrite, people can already know that this is me being myself," he said.

Donates "in secret"

Nazir took the opportunity during the live session to share with his viewers a more generous and charitable side of him.

He shared that every month, his foundation, which is funded by his own money, helps at least 500 individuals.

Nazir claimed that he contributed at least RM50,000 to RM200,000 (S$16,000 to S$65,000) a month to charity.

All the charitable work was done "in secret" as he did not have to let others know about it, he said.

"Even my wife does not know about it," he added.

He said that to him, it was enough that only his brothers, who are part of the foundation, and God, know his work.

His "secret" only came to light recently as he revealed more of his charity work since a growing number of people started to question his wealth.

Funded tuition programme

Nazir also said that between 2010 to 2018, he had funded tuition programmes for the underprivileged.

As preparation for their Sijil Pengajian Malaysia (SPM) examination, akin to Singapore's GCE O Level, at least 35,000 low-income students, especially Malays, were assisted.

"I helped a mad number of people," he said, adding that his work was for "the party (Umno) and the nation".

"Every year I raise millions of Ringgit to assist the unfortunate," he said.

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