Man in Tampines takes item from delivery rider's unattended bicycle, flees when confronted

He dropped the item after a resident told him that she was taking a video.

Nigel Chua | September 27, 2021, 01:29 PM

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A man was spotted taking an item from an unattended bicycle at a void deck in Tampines, in the evening on Sunday (Sep. 26).

The bicycle's owner, a food delivery rider, was sending an order up to a customer when this happened.

The man, who was riding his own bicycle, then brought the item from the lift lobby to the back of the block, and stashed it in one of his bags.

However, as he was doing so, he was spotted by a resident who confronted him, and demanded that he return the item.

She then started to take a video of him.

While he can be heard asking her not to take photos, he did not offer any explanation for his actions.

The man only dropped the item after the resident told him that he was being filmed.

He then hastily left the area on his bicycle.

The delivery rider later got back the item, and thanked the resident for helping him recover it.

Resident had seen man in the area since afternoon

The resident shared that she noticed the man "browsing" in her neighbourhood that afternoon.

In the evening, she spotted the man again while she was doing some stretching exercises at a playground.

According to her, the man was riding his bicycle past the playground when he spotted the parked bicycle.

He then made a u-turn, approached the unattended bicycle and took the item.

In the videos captured by the resident, the man could be seen carrying several bags, including what appears to be a green GrabFood delivery bag.

The resident shared that she was not sure whether these items were his, or if they had been taken from other delivery riders.

Resident hopes delivery riders will take care of their belongings

The resident contacted Mothership, hoping to warn delivery riders.

She shared that food delivery riders in the area would often leave their bicycles at void decks without securing them, while they brought orders up to their customers.

While the resident did not contact the police regarding the incident, she told Mothership that she wanted to share the story to encourage delivery riders to be more careful with their personal items.

Top image via video submitted to Mothership.

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