Disney+ or Netflix? Get both with 70GB SIM only 5G plan & 1Gbps Broadband with S’pore’s first all-in-one Bundle

Everyone gets to watch what they want.

| Fiona Tan | Sponsored | September 16, 2021, 05:47 PM

Let’s face it, some of us probably do not have our own Netflix account, let alone Disney+, which entered the picture earlier this year.

Full disclosure, I do not own either, nor any other pay-to-play streaming services.

But with the upcoming Netflix's Money Heist season finale, Lucifer season six, as well as Star Wars and Marvel original series coming to Disney+, let’s just say that I am seriously reconsidering my choices.

I’m starting to have a serious case of FOMO. Being left out of the conversation about the latest shows sucks.

Which is why StarHub’s newest one-stop offering is looking all kinds of attractive right now.

Get both Netflix and Disney+ with HubBundle

At S$79.90 a month, the StarHub HubBundle offers both Netflix and Disney+, on top of a SIM Only plan with 70GB of 5G data and 1Gbps Broadband.

Instead of choosing one over the other, users get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Here’s the HubBundle price breakdown:

If you did some math with the one-stop bundle price, like I did, you’d realise that the savings per month works out to cover the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription.

What this essentially means is that you are just paying for the SIM Only plan with 70GB of 5G data and the 1Gbps broadband subscription each month.

Don’t believe me? Check out the calculation breakdown below:

S$42.9 (broadband) + S$38 (mobile data plan) = S$80.9 (cost of bundle is S$79.9 and you save S$1)

Even without factoring in the value of the Disney+ subscription that’s part of the bundle, you get to save 24 months’ worth of Netflix subscription costs over two years — which is the length of the HubBundle plan.

This adds up to more than S$400 of savings. Math.

Here’s more about the components of the bundle:

1. 70GB SIM only 5G mobile data plan

With 5G, you can expect faster connectivity at over 53 locations in Singapore and stay connected while on-the-go.

As compared to a 4G network, which transfers data at 100Mbps, a 5G network’s speed is 10,000Mbps, up to 100 times faster.

Downloading a high-definition movie could potentially take only nine minutes with 5G, instead of 50 minutes with 4G.

StarHub’s mobile network was awarded as the fastest download speed experience according to the 2021 Opensignal Mobile Network Experience Report.

With the 70GB SIM only 5G mobile data plan, you can stream the latest shows and movies faster and even let your family members or friends tether, all without having to worry about running out of data ever.

2. 1Gbps Fibre Broadband

Additionally, the HubBundle includes a 1Gbps Fibre Broadband subscription and offers a free Smart WiFi router worth S$199.

As most of us are working from home, it is important for our broadband connection to be fast and reliable, lest we draw the ire of our superiors by repeatedly cutting in and out of work calls.

You will be glad to know that StarHub Broadband is rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the 2021 National Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) survey.

Plus, with the StarHub Smart WiFi router, you can say goodbye to WiFi deadspots, and stay connected in every corner of your house, from watching cooking videos while in the kitchen to scrolling through TikTok in bed.

With StarHub Broadband, you can ensure that you’ll get the best WiFi coverage while you work from home.

For further ease of mind, it is also important to know that your network provider has good troubleshooting and after care services, in the event that situations should arise.

3. Disney+

The HubBundle includes one Disney+ account where you can create up to seven profiles and stream on up to four devices at the same time.

This means no more competing for screen time with your family members, and everyone gets to watch what they want.

Besides Marvel and Star Wars, Disney+ has four other brands under its umbrella and they are: Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, and Star.

That means you’ll get Marvel and Star Wars content, Disney classics, Pixar movies, National Geographic reality shows and documentaries, and television series and films that are past favourites, or new and original all under one Disney+ roof.

Suitable for everyone in the family, from Disney classics for the little ones, to National Geographic documentaries for the adults.

4. Netflix

The HubBundle also includes one Netflix account with the standard plan, where you can download from and stream concurrently on up to two devices.

Netflix needs no further introduction, with its own slew of award winning shows, movies and documentaries.

Highly anticipated titles that are upcoming include (but are not limited to): Schumacher on Sep. 15, The Guilty on Oct. 1, Red Notice on Nov. 12, and The Witcher on Dec. 17.

Why choose one when you can have both at your fingertips?

Hello, unlimited entertainment.

Find out more about the all-in-one bundle here.

This sponsored article by StarHub made the author realise that there are a lot of shows to catch up on.

Top image by Andrew Koay