I tried Pretz's new Harvest range. The aftertaste was bamboozlement.

Apple and purple sweet potato flavour.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | September 15, 2021, 10:58 AM

Pretz has recently released two new Harvest flavours - apple and purple sweet potato - so consumers can “immerse in the taste of nature”.

Now I’m not exactly a regular eater of Pretz, but I am a fan of their pizza flavoured sticks.

So when I received an email brief about doing a taste test on these delightful treats, I gladly took up the challenge.

I was interested to see how these new Harvest flavours would match up to my favourite pizza flavoured sticks, and rightfully so - given that it’s not everyday that you see apple or purple sweet potato flavoured biscuit sticks.

Apple Sticks

I started my tasting session with Pretz’s apple flavoured sticks and boy was I in for a treat.

Tearing open each gold-foiled packet, the first thing that struck me was how aromatic the sticks were.

They literally smelt like real apples.

And this is no surprise, given how Pretz’s apple flavoured sticks are lower in sodium and made with natural apple juice, with no MSG or preservatives added.

In fact, according to Pretz, most people were taken in by the fragrance of the sticks, even before tasting anything.

Taking my first bite, I was overwhelmed by each stick’s crunchy texture and distinctly sweet, yet savoury flavour.

I’d say it tasted something like apple juice in biscuit form - but with a tangy, piquant twist.

These sticks are also baked, not fried, making them a healthier alternative to regular chips and snacks out there.

Purple Sweet Potato Sticks

Next up, I tried out Pretz’s purple sweet potato sticks.

Like the apple ones, these sticks are also lower in sodium, made with natural purple sweet potatoes, and contain no added MSG or preservatives.

However, I felt that unlike the former, these purple sweet potato sticks were milder in flavour and slightly sweeter on the taste buds.

This is also why it’s probably a good idea to start by eating the purple sweet potato sticks first, as its flavour isn't as overpowering compared to the apple ones.

Verdict: which one is my fave?

If I had to choose my favourite, it’d definitely be the apple flavoured sticks, which is quite surprising since I usually veer towards sweet potato snacks (like fries) when I eat out or go to a cafe.

However, the apple and biscuit flavours really complemented each other and were truly delicious with each bite, prompting me to continue snacking on them even after I was done writing this article.

They also reminded me of my favourite pizza flavoured sticks from Pretz, given how the apple flavoured ones have a slightly savoury kick to them.

At just S$1.50 per box, you can now get yours online and at the following places:

  • RedMart
  • PandaMart
  • NTUC FairPrice
  • Cheers
  • Prime Supermarket
  • Isetan Supermarket

This sponsored article by Pretz let this writer to try out these tasty treats for free.

Top image via Melanie Lim