Students in S'pore surprise favourite teacher with Man United jersey for Teachers' Day

18 years after making his Man United debut, Cristiano Ronaldo still a major draw.

Alfie Kwa | September 03, 2021, 04:04 AM

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Teachers' Day in Singapore falls on Friday, Sep. 3, 2021.

The once-a-year day is for students to express their love and appreciation because the other days of the year are typically for students to be on the receiving end of education.

And to show their gratitude, 38 students from a first-year class in ITE College East surprised their teacher with a gift they knew would get him leaping for joy.

The surprise

One student, Hudzaifah A.J., posted the surprise on TikTok on Sep. 1.

The video has been liked 11,200 times.

In it, a few students were seen gathering and preparing gifts for their teacher, Raizen Abdul Rahman Ahad.

The group then presented the gifts -- a Manchester United jersey, a corkboard with messages on coloured sticky notes, and a picture collage of the class-- to Raizen.

The students were roaring with excitement when Raizen took out the jersey and held it over his body, showing off his brand new Manchester United 2021/2022 jersey.

He then had to strike Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic celebratory move: Leaping into the air and swinging his arms backwards, before landing.

Raizen continued to check out his new jersey, nodding in approval.

He also took a peek at some messages on the corkboard.

Image via Hudzaifah A.J.

"I'm gonna wear this," Raizen said, pointing at the jersey.

Hudzaifah replied excitedly behind the camera, "Right now!"

Moments later, in the teacher's office, Raizen jumped into the video frame wearing the jersey.

This time, he did the full Cristiano Ronaldo celebration.

"He's like an older brother"

Besides being a dedicated Manchester United fan, Raizen is also a lecturer for Elementary Business Analytics (EBA) and Sports Event Management and Marketing (SEMM) at ITE College East.

When Mothership asked Hudzaifah if Raizen was his favourite teacher, he said: "Yes! And I can say that on behalf of my whole class."

The 17-year-old, who is in his first year studying Sports Management, said he is extremely grateful to have Raizen as his class advisor.

"He's young and understands Gen Z lingo and culture if you get me, which makes him super relatable. He's also like an older brother that takes up the role of a father. Responsible and stern, yet someone that has the same sense of humour as us."

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Top images via Hudzaifah A.J.