Indonesian doctor allegedly mixed his semen into housemates' food


Faris Alfiq | September 14, 2021, 06:06 PM

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An Indonesian doctor from Semarang was reported to the country's National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) for sexual harassment towards his colleague's wife.

The resident doctor at a hospital in Semarang, Central Java, was accused of mixing his semen into food that the victim consumed, Indonesian news Suara reported.

Both the accused and the victim were not named.

A representative of the victim from the Legal Resource Centre for Gender Equality and Human Rights, Nia Lishayati, shared with Suara on Sep. 13 the ordeal that the victim and her husband went through while living under one roof with the accused.

Initially thought cat or mouse tempered with food

Nia shared that initially, the victim noticed that the food cover she placed had been shifted multiple times. The victim also recounted that her food looked like it had been tampered with for it had a different colour from when it was first prepared.

"The victim suspected there might be a cat or a rat in the house," Nia said.

However, her suspicions were not proven true as she had never seen any stray animals around the house.

To find out what really happened, she installed a camera and hid it out of sight to record the place.

What she found out was shocking.

Accused seen masturbating while peeping at victim during her shower

According to Suara, Nia shared that when the victim looked at the recording on her iPad, she saw that the accused was peeping at her when she was showering. While doing so, he was masturbating.

After the accused ejaculated, he allegedly added his semen to the food that the victim had prepared for her husband.

It was unclear how many times the incident happened, but Suara reported that the first time it happened was in October 2020. However, it was only reported to the authorities two months later.

"You can imagine the situation the victim and her husband was in. For a long time, they have been eating food mixed with semen," Nia said, and added that the victim has been "traumatised by the whole incident and stressed".

Nia shared further that the couple had initially refused to stay together with the accused, but eventually relented as the accused insisted on saving costs.

Suara reported that the accused has a wife and children living in another city.

The victim and her husband had demanded the Central Java police expedite the investigation.

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Top image by Oktavianus Kusuma Agung via Pixabay