Mysterious brown liquid spews from above at pop-up Hello Kitty shabu shabu restaurant in Orchard Central

Customers were allowed to takeaway their drinks.

Siti Hawa | September 01, 2021, 12:59 PM

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Diners at Kumoya's outlet at Orchard Central were enjoying their Hello Kitty-themed shabu-shabu meal when something burst and sent a liquid of some kind spraying into the restaurant.

A TikTok user took to the social media platform on Sep. 1 to share a video of the incident.

The incident

In the video, a brown-coloured liquid can be seen spewing from above as the staff takes cover.

Photo via chloecloudy/TikTok

What appears to be dirty water forms a puddle on the floor near the counter.

Meanwhile, instead of leaving the premises, the diner in the video rushes to finish their food.

Photo via chloecloudy/TikTok

"Smells funky"

Soon, the cafe's floor is covered with the liquid that "smells funky", according to the TikToker.

Photo via chloecloudy/TikTok

According to the TikToker, the "culprit" behind the incident might have been a water sprinkler.

Photo via chloecloudy/TikTok

Here's a closer look:

Photo via chloecloudy/TikTok

According to the TikTok video, customers were allowed to take away their drinks and were able to exit through the back door.

Photo via chloecloudy/TikTok

In response to Mothership, Kumoya revealed that the cause of the incident was a false activation from the mall's fire system.

According to the restaurant, the liquid seen spewing from above was “not sewage leakage”.

The restaurant staff "worked tirelessly" to resolve the issue on Aug. 31, and the restaurant is back to serving customers today (Sept. 1).

View the TikTok video here.

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