S’porean courier, 39, arrives way early on wheelchair to deliver items from Woodlands to Tampines

What an inspiration.

Joshua Lee | September 03, 2021, 04:25 PM

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If you're looking for a courier service, perhaps you might want to consider Ayeed the Courier.

Facebook user Shah Ismail posted his recent experience with 39-year-old Mohamed Zahid Bin Mohd Yassin who runs Ayeed Courier, and along with it, a heart-warming review.

Receives heart-warming review from customer

Shah recently engaged Zahid via Telegram to deliver an item from Woodlands to Our Tampines Hub and was surprised when the latter, who is a wheelchair user, turned up at his doorstep.

"I was speechless. I asked a lot of questions to him. Are u alone? Is there anyone assisting u? How do u get to ur destination? He told me he was alone and he took public transport. He told me not to worry, coz the item will reach by 1130hrs. It breaks my heart deeply. 😫"

Shah also noted that it was drizzling that day and he could not imagine Zahid delivering the item in a wheelchair and in inclement weather.

If you're wondering, the item did reach Our Tampines Hub.

Shah said in his post that he was inspired by Zahid's ability to remain positive in spite of his disability, and was heartened to find that the latter was willing to work hard during "these challenging times".

"One word. Respect. 💯 Thank you Abang, i really appreciate ur help. It definitely made an impact in my life."

Shah also urged others to "be thankful and stop complaining and start to appreciate what u have in life":

"We always complain we are tired, lazy and stuffs, I am guilty of it too but to these special needs, its the opposite. They have this strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. They will do their best to their ability to finish the race."

Born with condition that damages spinal cord and nerves

If Zahid sounds familiar to you, you might have seen him in a Mothership interview from April this year.

Zahid was born with spina bifida, a condition that occurs along the spine when the neural tube doesn’t form and close. The condition often results in damage to the spinal cord and nerves.

He started using a wheelchair at the age of 17, when his condition started to deteriorate.

Zahid started Ayeed's Courier about four years back to support himself, delivering small items and packages across the island using only his wheelchair and public transportation.

Credit: Zahid.

Affordable rates, well rated by customers

Here are his rates:

  1. Less than 5.1km: S$5
  2. 5.1km to 15km: S$7
  3. 15.1km to 25km: S$9
  4. More than 25km: S$11
His rates are significantly lower than other courier services because he does not need to pay for vehicle upkeep or fuel.

The improvements made to the public transport network — especially in the implementation of barrier-free access — has made it much easier for Zahid to do his deliveries on buses and trains.

Reviews on Zahid's Facebook page are overwhelmingly positive: Five stars culled from 81 reviews. Most of Zahid's customers praised him for being reliable, timely, and very prompt in replying to messages.

And while the entire process of travelling on public transport is tiring for him, Zahid told Mothership that he is relieved that he is able to earn his own income at his own time and pace.

"I don't want people to pity me. I'd feel better if people get inspired by me."

Credit: Jane Zhang.

If you want to engage Zahid's courier service, you can head over to his Facebook page here.

Top image credit: Mohamed Zahid Bin Mohd Yassin