Chee Soon Juan reiterates he welcomes all to his cafe, literate or not & regardless from which school

Cafe owner keeping up with current affairs.

Belmont Lay | September 16, 2021, 05:19 PM

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Cafe owner Chee Soon Juan has reiterated his offer to welcome all and sundry to his cafe as it is a place for a broad cross-section of society, without prejudice.

The seasoned politician made his offer known again in a Facebook post on Sep. 16 after a review of his cafe took issue with the food served and the clientele who were present on a typical day.

Okay with food criticism only

Chee responded that the criticisms of the food have been taken on board and the cafe is working to address the points raised.

However, what he could not stand for was the criticism by the reviewer of the make-up of his paying customers.

Chee wrote: "But she then wandered into commenting on the make-up of our guests. That, I must say, is not quite as kosher. The whole idea of us starting the cafe was to bring people together, no matter your station in life or the path you take."

The review, which Chee did not provide a link to or call out explicitly, is believed to be the one that said: "... in a perfect world I wouldn’t be riding 17 train stops just to jostle with disgruntled aunties for a seat in Dr Chee’s establishment."

No time for division

Contrary to the perception of the reviewer, Chee said it is good to see children dining with their retired parents, a father and daughter spending quality time together, youngsters hanging out on wine night, couples on a date, and a solitary patron reading a book in his cafe.

He wrote that he serves the "millionaire" and "cardboard collector" equally in his cafe.

Chee concluded his post with a call to unite people in these trying times instead of encouraging divisions.

And showing he is up to date with the latest affairs in the country, Chee wrote:

Each and every one of you is the reason for my starting this cafe. Here we celebrate each other's company -- whether you're literate or not and regardless of the school you come from.

At times like these, let's bring people together, not further divide them. And we can do this only when we speak from the heart, not just the mouth.

Previously, in August, Chee wrote that his cafe sees a wide range of patrons who spend time chilling and doing their own thing.

He said guests would come by for a meal and then play chess or read.

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