Changi Mobile offers plan with 40GB data, 300 minutes of 'talktime' & 300 messages for S$15

There are also the "Flexi Pro" and "Flexi Ultra" offering 60GB and 100GB of data respectively.

Jean Chien Tay | September 16, 2021, 04:34 PM

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Changi Mobile, a mobile service under Changi Recommends, is offering several mobile plans including the "Flexi Best" plan that boasts 40GB of data, with 300 minutes of "talktime" and 300 messages, at S$15 per month.

They also offer the 8GB "Flexi Value" plan at S$8 for seniors above the age of 60, DDR (Development Disability Registry) ID card holders, and students and NSF under the age of 25. This plan will come with 200 minutes of "outgoing calls" and 200 messages per month.

Prices for the mobile plans are currently discounted by S$10 from the original amount thanks to an "Early Bird Price" promotion, and will be applicable to users who sign up before Oct. 31.

According to their website, all current mobile plans are no-contract, SIM-only plans, and will be "fully powered by M1", another local telco company.

Four no-contract mobile plans, one data-only plan

Changi Mobile currently offers four no-contract mobile plans and one data-only plan called "Flexi Data".

All four mobile plans boast free caller ID, incoming calls and SMS, and one-month data rollover; while the data-only plan offers one-month data rollover for free, though calls and SMS services will not be available under this plan. The complimentary one-month data rollovers will be valid till Dec. 31.

For users looking for a data-only plan, the "Flexi Data" offers 50GB of data at the price of S$20, comparable to Circles.Life's data-only plan.

Apart from the plans mentioned above, there are also the "Flexi Pro" and "Flexi Ultra" offering 60GB and 100GB of data respectively.

The "Flexi Pro" is currently going at the price of S$25 per month, and offers 500 minutes of "outgoing calls" and 500 messages; while the S$35 per month "Flexi Ultra" plan boasts 800 minutes of "outgoing calls" and 800 messages.

Existing customers of Changi Mobile can also request to switch plans once per calendar month with no penalty or administrative cost incurred.

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Top image via Changi Mobile's website & @plann_images/Unsplash