All the things I googled while attending my first Covid-19 wedding

Is it offensive if I write ‘keep the marriage clean but the sex dirty’ in guestbook

Tan Xing Qi | September 25, 2021, 06:20 PM

Cocktail attire examples

Is there pandemic ang pow rate

Cheap food to eat to tide over the month

Part time jobs that pay well to cover cost of ang pow

When it says dinner starts 630pm does it really mean 630pm or does it actually mean 730pm

Is it normal to check ang pow amount five times

Will there be Safe Distancing Ambassadors at a Covid-19 wedding

Do Safe Distancing Ambassadors need to give ang pow

How does one get married during Covid isn’t it full of uncertainties and anxieties

How to keep a low profile for latecomers

How to make small talk with people you barely know

Is it rude to take parking coupon if I didn’t drive

When does parking coupon expire

Can paynow if no cash

Analyse my name is it too hard to spot in guest list

Is it offensive if I write 'keep the marriage clean but the sex dirty' in guestbook

What happens to wedding photo album after banquet

Does the perfect seat that gives 360 view of wedding exists

Wedding songs and the lack of innovation

Who writes lines for emcees

If it’s only five per table does that mean I can eat more

Is this the end of paiseh piece

Wedding that serves whisky should I top up ang pow

Words of encouragement for waiting staff so they will keep pouring drinks

Small food portions why I’m still full is it how I should diet

Mask off or mask on when photo taking

1m distance during photo taking necessary

Asian flush how to stop it

Activities to replace yum seng

What's the alcohol limit for a 38-year-old Chinese man

Should I ask permission to hug the groom if I only know the bride

Feeling euphoric during weddings alcohol or happiness

Tipsy at 10pm am I old or normal is 38 years old old

Automatic lights on at 1030pm who invented

When is next auspicious date for wedding and how to save money