I tried wearing the new 3M 9513 Particulate Respirator KN95 & it was 9513 times better than wearing a regular mask

Protects against dust, germs, allergens and more.

| Melanie Lim | Sponsored | September 06, 2021, 11:52 AM

My first thought when I received this huge parcel of respirators from 3M?

Dayum. They really went all out to impress with this one.

Almost the same thought I had when I was reading the press release for the new 3M™ 9513 Particulate Respirator KN95.

If you’re confused with what exactly a respirator is and how it differs from a regular face mask, believe me, I was too.

That is, until 3M offered a short but handy explanation on the difference between the two.

Differences between a mask and respirator

Unlike normal masks which allow air to go through the outside edges, the new disposable respirator is designed to seal tightly, thereby allowing air to go through its filter instead.

This means that while wearing a mask helps to protect others from particles expelled by the wearer, a respirator helps to protect the wearer from exposure to airborne particles instead.

Unlike typical face coverings and surgical masks which often fit loosely, the 3M™ 9513 Particulate Respirator KN95 also leaves no gaps between the mask and face when worn properly.

Conversely, it has a four-layer 3D design that is both comfortable and breathable.

Something like this:

According to 3M, the respirator’s proprietary filter media filters at least 95 per cent of airborne particulates such as dirt, dust, sand, vehicle exhaust particles, PM 2.5 and allergens when used as instructed.

Additionally, the respirator also includes highly charged microfibers that capture airborne particles during seasonal haze, which typically occurs between June and October in Singapore.

How the respirator feels when worn: comfortable and breathable

When I first tried the respirator on, I was literally ~blown away~ by how airy and spacious it felt.

Although there’s an embedded nose clip, it doesn’t cling too tightly to one’s nose or mouth like a regular mask, so it was surprisingly cooling and easy to breathe in.

I also didn’t have to worry about sweating profusely after walking for a long distance or getting my lipstick smudged.

Given that I have a pretty round face, I’ve always found it to be a hit or miss when I purchase regular masks from the stores, as some masks are simply too small or tight for my rather rotund face.

These respirators from 3M, though, while being on the slightly smaller side, have stretchable sidebands which are extremely well-fitted and comfortable to wear.

How the respirator looks when worn: stylish but pointy

Overall, I felt that the respirators looked pretty stylish when worn, with an otherwise “pointier” appearance compared to regular masks.

Available in packets of one or three masks each, the 3M™ 9513 Particulate Respirator KN95 also features a vertical, flat fold design for easy storage.

If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, you’ll be pleased to know that each 3M™ 9513 Particulate Respirator KN95 has a shelf life of five years from the manufacturing date.

Priced at just one for S$2 or three for S$5.50, they are now available online and at these selected stores, while stocks last:

For more information, click here.

This sponsored article by 3M made this writer want to convert to wearing respirators instead of masks.

Top image via Melanie Lim