Japanese man stands outside Olympic Village every day with sign encouraging athletes

The best.

Ashley Tan | August 06, 2021, 04:01 PM

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Even though the Tokyo Olympics has barred any foreign or domestic spectators due to Covid-19 concerns, one Japanese man has taken pains to express his support for athletes who have traveled far and wide to perform their best at this event.

Believe in yourself!

The elderly man gained fame after a photo of him was posted on Reddit, with users praising his actions, describing it as the "embodiment of the Olympic spirit".

The man can be seen holding up a large sign with some words of encouragement in English for passing athletes:

"Good morning athletes!

Even if you don't get a medal, you're still the BEST!!

So believe in yourself!"

It was also shared on Twitter by sports and finance writer Joe Pompliano.

There till the end

It was discovered that the man actually appears outside the Olympic Village every single day.

Time Out Tokyo spoke to the man, who wishes to remain anonymous.

He arrives as early as 7:15am, and holds up his sign whenever a bus full of athletes passes by. He remains there for around two hours every day.

The man shared that at the start of the games, he initially held a sign welcoming athletes but changed the sign to the current one on July 26, after noticing sportsmen obsessing over the medal count.

According to Time Out, the man will continue this till the end of the Olympics on Aug. 8.

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Top photo from JoePompliano / Twitter and goodnewsdog / Twitter