SAF commander who scolded a man for asking him to wear a mask will be disciplined: MINDEF

The other commanders at the scene could be seen wearing their masks.

Jason Fan | July 27, 2021, 08:57 PM

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A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) commander who was seen not wearing a mask while giving instructions to a group of full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) will be dealt with, according to the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).

In addition to not wearing a mask, the man also allegedly scolded a stranger who asked him to wear his mask properly.

Scolded for asking the commander to wear his mask properly

A man recently shared a post on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, sharing his experience with the SAF commander in question.

The commander, who was dressed in a white T-shirt, was allegedly instructing a group of NSFs near Pasir Ris MRT on Monday (July 26)

He was seen wearing a face mask that was pulled down, which did not cover his nose or his mouth.

Image via Ivan Ho.

Ivan Ho, who made the Facebook post, claimed that the commander did not wear his mask properly for about half an hour.

He then approached the man's colleague, who was wearing a mask, to convince him to wear a mask properly, and not be a bad example to the NSFs present.

The other two commanders can be seen wearing masks. Image via Ivan Ho.

The commander allegedly heard this and shouted at Ho, and allegedly asked him, "Who are you?".

When Ho was about to leave in order to avoid further confrontation, the commander allegedly scolded Ho using an expletive.

Commanders are expected to set a positive example

In response to the incident, MINDEF said that the SAF have completed investigations of the incident, and will discipline the commander accordingly.

MINDEF also emphasised that Safe Management Measures (SMMs) are crucial to the conduct of SAF's training and operations, and that commanders are expected to set a positive example.

You can see MINDEF's full statement here:

"The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has completed investigations of the SAF commander who did not comply with Safe Management Measures (SMMs) while addressing BMT recruits near Pasir Ris MRT station on July 26. The commander was found to have breached SMMs and will be disciplinarily dealt with. SMMs are critical to ensure the safe conduct of the SAF’s training and operations, and our commanders are expected to set a positive example as well as enforce those rules to protect themselves and their trainees."

Top image via Ivan Ho/FB.