Sad-looking S$7.20 salmon teriyaki rice from Punggol food court is literally salmon & rice

Not all found the pricing unreasonable, however.

Nigel Chua | July 25, 2021, 10:07 PM

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A man ordered salmon teriyaki rice from a stall in the Gourmet Paradise foodcourt at Oasis Terraces in Punggol, and concluded that it did not offer great value for money.

Photo via Ian Oh/Facebook

Caught in the unenviable position of forking out S$7.20 for a disappointing meal, the man presumably sought an explanation for his predicament.

He surmised that the closure of Jurong Fishery Port might be to blame, and posted on Facebook seeking opinions on his hypothesis.

His post has attracted over 250 comments and more than 400 shares since it was uploaded on July 24.

Too expensive?

Many commenters assessed the man's meal to be woefully inadequate for the price that he paid.

But others said that such prices were to be expected, considering the higher price of ingredients involved in the fish dish.

Another commenter offered an alternative explanation:

But there was generally consensus around the fact that the food, even if fairly priced, could have used better presentation.

Alternative seafood supply

Jurong Fishery Port is currently closed, with the 700 workers there quarantined.

The number of cases linked to the cluster there continues to grow.

As of July 24, there are 741 cases.

However, netizens were quick to point out that the port's closure may not have impacted the stall.

Indeed, shortly after it was announced that the port would be closed, the authorities said that alternative seafood options would still be available, in hopes of discouraging panic buying of seafood.

Either way, here's what seems to be a useful rule of thumb when buying just about anything, anywhere:

Top image via Oasis Terraces and Ian Oh on Facebook