Monitor lizard found belly up floating next to a fishing lure in MacRitchie Reservoir

The cause of death is unclear.

Zi Shan Kow | July 27, 2021, 10:41 AM

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On July 19, Jerry Hulzenboom shared images of a dead monitor lizard he found at MacRitchie Reservoir on the Facebook group Singapore Wildlife Sightings.

Hulzenboom captioned the photos, "So sad to see this large monitor killed by fishing tackle 😢", referring to the string around its neck, and the plastic lure found next to the body.

Photo by Jerry Hulzenboom/FB.

Another user, Caleb Toh, also shared another picture he took of the same monitor lizard floating further out in the water.

Photo by Caleb Toh/FB.

The monitor lizard was estimated to be two metre long.

Cause of death

Although many commenters found fault with irresponsible anglers, it is unclear if the monitor lizard died from inconsiderate fishing practices.

Some commenters instead took a particular interest to the arowana in the picture, swimming next to the lizard's carcass.

Photo by Caleb Toh/FB.

Prized fishes like these might be what's attracting anglers to stray from legal fishing spots at the reservoir.

Given the size of the monitor lizard, some speculated it could be natural death due to old age.

Responsible fishing etiquette

Although fishing is permitted at some reservoirs and rivers, anglers are required to keep to designated fishing zones.

According to PUB, only artificial bait can be used at reservoirs.

Anglers are also advised to discard unwanted fishing lines, hooks and other rubbish into litter bins so as to not pollute and endanger wildlife in the water.

Those caught violating fishing regulations may be fined up to S$3,000.

Top image via Jerry Hulzenboom/FB