Supercar becomes mangled mess of rubber & metal after horrific crash along ECP

The driver was conscious when he was conveyed to the hospital.

Joshua Lee | July 12, 2021, 11:42 AM

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A driver was taken to the hospital after he crashed his supercar along East Coast Parkway (ECP) on July 7.

The incident happened on the stretch of ECP in the direction of Changi.

A video of the incident was uploaded onto Facebook on July 11, showing the supercar seemingly losing control and veering from the leftmost lane to the rightmost lane before crashing into the divider and flying into the air.

According to photos posted by, the car landed among the potted plants that were placed along the road divider.

The car appeared so mangled that its original shape could not be made out.

Online commenters identified the car as a McLaren 720S, a supercar that can go from zero to 100km/h in about 3 seconds.





According to Today, the police said the driver was conscious when he was conveyed to Raffles Hospital, and that investigations are ongoing.

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