Hougang condo resident seen dumping dustpan contents down 13 floors, says to let fallen leaves return to their roots

This is because there is a roof garden on the 12th floor.

Lean Jinghui | July 26, 2021, 07:28 PM

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A Hougang resident was shocked to witness her neighbour tossing his trash out the balcony from the 13th floor, not just once but five times.

Convenient disposal

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the resident, who declined to be named, shared that she had been eating at the balcony of her condominium apartment when she witnessed the act.

She lives on the 12th floor.

The male resident, who lives in the block opposite from hers on the 13th floor, had been sweeping the floor of his balcony, but then conveniently dumped the contents of his trash out the balcony.

The female resident shared that she was appalled by the act as she lived a mere 10m or so opposite from her neighbour.

She pointed out that if it was windy, the dust from the trash would have ended up on her food.

When she shouted to get the attention of the man and stop him, he did not apparently hear her.

According to photos submitted by the resident, there was a roof garden on the 12th floor, but a family also lived directly below the man, and had hung their clothes out to dry.

The woman claimed that from the time she had first witnessed the neighbour dispose of his trash, till when she had taken the photos as "evidence", he had poured the contents of his dustpan down five times.

Neighbour: To let things return to their roots

Wanbao reported that the man had later explained the contents of his dustpan "only comprised dust, fallen leaves, and ants".

Since there was a garden located below his apartment, he had thought of it as simply letting things return to their "roots".

He said: "There was no one below at that point in time. I did see the female resident who lives opposite from me, but she was quite a distance away. My dustpan only had some ants and fallen leaves, as well as some dust. There was also a garden below, to me it was like returning things to where they belong, so I did not think it was inappropriate."

He also claimed that he had never received prior complaints from his neighbours.

However, now that he knows that some of his neighbours were displeased, he would refrain from committing the act again.

Top image via Lianhe Wanbao