Ang Cheo Kuan, please go for your vaccination

New phone, who dis?

Ashley Tan | July 01, 2021, 04:08 PM

One person in Singapore, who has been consistently receiving SMS notifications to go for the Covid-19 vaccination, meant for another person, has written to The Straits Times forum to inform the correct recipient about the appointment and to resolve the error once and for all.

Received three SMSed addressed to the wrong person

In the forum letter published in the ST forum on July 1, Chen Chih Min revealed that the SMSes have been ongoing for months.

Unfortunately, the intended recipient was not Chen, but a man named Ang Cheo Kuan.

First message

The first message thanked Ang for registering for the vaccination.

Concerned that this unknown man might miss his vaccination appointment, Chen said a call was made to the Ministry of Health's (MOH) hotline, but the response was to simply ignore the erroneous message.

Chen added that the person operating the hotline was told to relay the message to Ang.

Second message

A few weeks later, Chen received a second message, once again addressed to Ang.

Chen emailed MOH, got a reply, and believed the matter to be settled.

It was not to be.

Third message

Chen received a third SMS on June 29.

Having had enough, Chen wrote to the ST forum about feeling a "moral obligation to resolve the matter", in case Ang has been left wondering about not receiving SMS notifications and possibly miss out on being vaccinated.

The forum letter was titled, "Sorry, Mr Ang, your vaccination reminders have come to me."

Chen, feeling strongly obliged to act, wrote that should such errors in SMS notifications persist, it could also hamper Singapore's vaccination efforts.

Interval between first and second vaccine doses shortened

Singapore's intensive national vaccination programme is well underway.

As MOH has confirmed their supply delivery of Covid-19 vaccines, it was announced recently that the interval between the first and second doses would be shortened from six to eight weeks, to four weeks.

All eligible individuals who make their vaccination appointments from June 29 onwards will be able to schedule their first and second dose appointments four weeks apart.

Those who have already received their first dose and have their second dose appointment currently scheduled six to eight weeks later can also rebook and bring it forward to four weeks from their first dose appointment.

These can be done so via a booking link in the SMSes individuals have received.

Minister for health Ong Ye Kung said that take-up for booking slots for an additional 500,000 first doses has been good.

Vaccination bookings will be opened up for non-Singaporeans from June 30 onwards.

Top photo from MOH and screenshot from The Straits Times