Caeleb Dressel wins 100m butterfly Olympic gold with 49.45s swim to break own world record

He swam three events in one day.

Matthias Ang | July 31, 2021, 03:54 PM

American swimmer Caeleb Dressel has won his second individual gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

On July 31, Dressel became the world champion for the men's 100m butterfly event, with a timing of 49.45 seconds, beating Kristof Milak of Hungary, the 200m fly champion, by 0.23 seconds, Reuters reported.

He also broke his own world record of 49.50 seconds set in 2019, AFP further reported.

Dressel had won his first individual gold on July 29 at the 100m freestyle.

Dressel and Milak acknowledge each other

Both Milak and Dressel have acknowledged each other's efforts during the race.

Milak said, "This is a fair result. That was the maximum I could give. I am happy that Caeleb needed a world record to beat me."

Meanwhile, Dressel said, "It took a world record to win the Olympic final. And I don't think it happens that often in the Olympics."

He added, "My plan was go out quick, and then hold on. I didn't even die. He just came home really well."

Back-to-back races on July 31

The Washington Post further highlighted that July 31 has marked his most intense session at the Tokyo Games.

After winning the 100m butterfly event, Dressel returned to the pool for the semi-final of the 50m freestyle, in which he clocked a timing of 21.42 seconds.

This event is widely expected to become his third individual gold medal.

This was then followed by the Olympics' inaugural 4x100m mixed medley final, with two men and two women competing on each team, according to APNews.

However, the U.S. fell behind in this race, finishing fifth, while the UK came out as world champion, also setting another world record in the process.

In calling the result "unacceptable for" U.S. swimming, he said, "Of course we’re not happy with how we finished. Fifth place is not acceptable for USA Swimming. That’s unacceptable. Our standard is gold."

Top image screenshot from Olympics Facebook