S$100 more fine, 2 extra demerit points for traffic offences at Silver & School Zones from July 1, 2021

Drive with more care.

Belmont Lay | June 01, 2021, 02:04 PM

Fines and demerit points will be raised for traffic offences at Silver Zones and School Zones from July 1, 2021.

The heftier penalties are aimed at making the roads safer for seniors and students.

Motorists who commit offences at pedestrian crossings or those that endanger pedestrians at these zones would incur S$100 more fines and two more demerit points, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said on June 1, adding that the updated penalties are aimed at further deterring irresponsible driving.

Special areas to protect vulnerable pedestrians

Silver Zones were rolled out seven years ago at housing estates with higher populations of seniors.

Speed limit in these zones are lowered to 40kmh typically, along with other traffic calming features, such as narrowed, winding lanes to slow traffic.

At School Zones, speed limits are lowered at certain times on a school day.

The tougher penalties were introduced in March 2021 during a parliamentary debate on its budget.

How penalties will work

The new penalties would apply to motorists who fail to slow down or give way when approaching pedestrian crossings in these zones.

Offences that endanger road users, such as speeding and driving against the flow of traffic, will also be penalised.


A motorist who fails to slow down before a pedestrian crossing would receive six demerit points normally.

In a Silver or School Zone, the motorist would get eight demerit points from July 1.

A motorist with no record of a driving suspension who amasses 24 or more demerit points in 24 months will have his licence suspended for 12 weeks.

The fines for offences committed inside Silver and School Zones will go up by S$100.

But there is one exception to the rule.

Heavy vehicle operators that run a red light will still face a maximum fine of S$500, as it is at the maximum cap, or half the maximum court fine, and cannot be increased further as stipulated under the Road Traffic Act.

MHA said it will review the cap on composition fines if necessary and monitor accident rates for heavy vehicles in Silver Zones and School Zones.

Elderly at risk

The number of traffic accidents that left an elderly pedestrian injured or killed rose from 223 in 2015 to 317 in 2019. 

Out of 18 pedestrians who died in 2020, 15 of them were seniors.

All photos via Land Transport Authority