Review: New Japanese-themed workspace near Farrer Park from S$5-S$8/hour

The rate entitles you to an individual cubicle.

Siti Hawa | June 28, 2021, 12:10 PM

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MangaWork is a new Japanese-themed workspace near Farrer Park that's opening today (June 28).

To get a feel of the space, I dropped by ahead of its opening and spent half a day working there.

Plans for 24/7 operations

The workspace is located a three-minute walk from Farrer Park MRT, making it pretty accessible.

While it currently operates from 9am to 11pm daily, the owner tells us that he has plans to open it 24/7 in the future.

Here's a look:

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa


There are a total of 44 rooms sporting minimalistic decor, with rates from S$5 to S$8 per hour, depending on the room.

Only one person is allowed in each room.

You can opt from rooms with bean bags, office chairs, or recliner seats, subject to availability at the time of arrival.

Each room has power sockets, headphones and a tablet. You can also make use of their wifi.

It's worthwhile to note that some of the rooms have windows, though most do not.

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa

As I was planning to get some work done on my laptop, I opted for a room with an office chair.

I also made sure to pick a room with windows for ~natural sunlight~.

Photo by Siti Hawa

Power sockets, headphones, and a tablet are provided:

Photo by Siti Hawa

Personal experience

The first thing I noticed was that the room was not completely soundproof.

Not to worry though, since all rooms are single occupancy, it shouldn't get too noisy as customers won't be chattering away.

The soothing sound of instrumental music playing in the background accompanied me as I did my work.

If you're the sort who prefers to pace around while working, the room might be too snug to do just that.

However, I found the size to be just right — it was large enough to not feel claustrophobic (editor's note: you're looking at a petite writer here).

In addition, the internet speed was fast and I had no issue surfing the web or watching videos (for work, of course) (editor: of course).

Manga titles

Besides doing work or studying, customers can check out the manga books available in the lobby area.

Some options include Dragon Ball, One Piece and Fairy Tail.

Customers can also bring the manga books into their individual rooms, but should return the books to their shelves before leaving.

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa

Photo by Siti Hawa

Overall, I enjoyed the overall ambience of the workspace which was relaxing and calming.

It's an ideal place to relax, take a nap, study, work or read manga.

Those who are interested can make a booking via their online system which will be up on June 28.

Alternatively, drop them an email at [email protected] or WhatsApp 88332980.

Check out this video to find out how to get to the workspace.


Address: 291 Serangoon Rd #02-00, Singapore 218107

Opening hours: 9am to 11pm, daily

Top photos by Siti Hawa