Logan Paul becomes Floyd Mayweather's punching bag for 8 rounds, no winner declared

Literally no one won.

Andrew Koay | June 07, 2021, 12:18 PM

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It what was nothing short of a circus spectacle, as Floyd Mayweather — arguably the best boxer to ever walk on the face of the earth — went toe-to-toe for eight rounds against YouTuber Logan Paul.

Most of the one-sided affair went something like this: Mayweather, 44, stalked the 26-year-old Paul until the social media star decided to swing wildly.

This prompted Mayweather to dodge or block pretty much every punch before returning fire with some clean-hitting shots.

In between there was some clinching, and Paul even managed to hit Mayweather a few times.

Other than that, Paul was largely sucessful at blocking Mayweather's punches with his chiseled jawline and taking punishing body shots.

As New York Times writer Morgan Campbell pointed out, Paul's problem was that at 86kg he was probably the biggest target that Mayweather had ever seen.

Stats from the fight showed that Mayweather landed 40 per cent of his total punches thrown, while Paul only managed 13 per cent despite throwing more than double the amount of punches.

Fought under heavily modified rules, the exhibition bout had no judges — meaning that without a knock-out, no winner was declared.

"Great, young fighter. He's better than I thought he was," said Mayweather about Paul after the fight, according to The Athletic.

Perhaps just happy to survive with his life, Paul started showboating after the final bell.

At ringside, Jake Paul, was adamant that his older brother had won the fight.

And while most people would say that is definitely not true, one gets the feeling that the Paul brothers are going to enjoy beating their chests while brazenly flaunting this claim until the end of time.

If you know Mayweather, it will come as no surprise that he'll take consolation in the rumoured US$100 million (S$132 million) he made from this game of "tag".

Paul has claimed that he will earn up to US$20 million (S$26.49 million) from the fight.

Now that it's all said and done, hard to say who should feel more embarrassed — Paul for serving as a glorified blonde punching bag, or Mayweather for not being able to fell a YouTuber.

Regardless, some have said that it was the sport of boxing that ultimately lost.

Top image screenshot from Showtime Boxing's Twitter page.