MTF evaluating timing & scope of next stage of reopening after 'major new cluster' in Bukit Merah: Lawrence Wong

More community cases and more unlinked cases.

Zhangxin Zheng | June 16, 2021, 04:53 PM

The co-chair of Multi-ministry Taskforce (MTF) Lawrence Wong gave an update on the Covid-19 situation and how it affects the second stage of reopening in Singapore.

Wong said in a recorded video that Singapore is likely dealing with a new outbreak of Covid-19 cases in the community.

The Bukit Merah cluster is likely to be a "very large" one as the cases are not just breaking out from the market but all around the vicinity.

Unlinked cases appear to be on the rise, Wong said.

Given this latest development, the MTF will evaluate the timeline and scope of further reopening on June 21, which include allowing more high risk activities such as dining in. The MTF will provide an update soon.

"I know this is a difficult time for everyone but I want to assure you that we are doing our very best to ensure that we do not have another flare up before we reach sufficiently high level of vaccination in the community," Wong assured.

In the video, Wong demonstrated how "fast, simple and very easy" self-testing can be using the DIY test kits.

Wong said that Singaporeans will have to get used to the idea of regular testing as part of our routine, just like taking temperatures.

The government will also ramp up testing for those who work at higher risk setting such as the frontline workers and those who work in F&B settings.

You can watch the full video here:

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Top image via Lawrence Wong/FB