We need to talk about all the energy sapping activities when we work from home

RIP wallet.

| Sponsored | June 14, 2021, 07:55 PM

Now that working from home is going to be a big part of our future, it is time to revisit this topic again: electricity bills and how we are wasting too much electricity while working from home.

And this is no hypothesis.

According to Energy Market Authority (EMA) stats, electricity consumption went up by some 20 per cent during Circuit Breaker last year.

Sure, we need the creature comforts for us to function like a human being at home but some of our actions are not really helping our wallets.

Instead, try some of these tips.

1) Utilise the underused dry mode

Sure, working from home in your pyjamas is cool and all but one thing that’s not so cool is the unforgiving weather.

And as you turn to your trusty air conditioner, the bill goes up and up.

But hold on to your remote control because dry mode is here to save your wallet.

So instead of the usual cool mode where the air conditioner blows out plenty of cool air, a dry mode basically just dries the air -- lowering the humidity as a result and subsequently lowering your electricity bill.

Pairing a dry mode with a fan would really help your sweaty armpits too.

2) Pick the right tools for the right meal

Last I checked, everyone is a domestic god or goddess nowadays. And what’s the price to pay for amateur divineness?

That’s right, you burn more cash.

And how do you stay godlike while whipping up a storm in the kitchen? One way is to use the right tools for the right dishes.

If you are cooking a small meal, use a smaller pan or pot. And always use a lid when you need to boil something or cook another packet of indomie because that traps heat.

Oh, and do you really need to use an oven when you can use the toaster to heat up your leftover fries?

3. Make up your mind first before you visit the fridge

Like humans, fridges hate it when humans cannot make up their mind. Here’s a pro tip: do not constantly open and close the fridge while you are deciding whether to snack for the 234356th time during a work day.

By doing so only wastes much energy and inadvertently causes dust to build up on the coils and thus requires more energy to cool the fridge.

4. Switch off that router

Look, I know wifi is absolutely necessary when working from home but is it 24/7 necessary?

I highly doubt it and I highly recommend you to put your phone down when you try to sleep at night.

Switching off the router may seem inconsequential but if you look at it annually, it adds up. It’s like your pay, you’ve got to take the potential annual package into consideration.

5. Unplug your electronics

This article is only about harmony between electricity and money.

And while this article is not about work-life balance, you really need to unplug when you are not working. Literally.

Start by unplugging your electronics because did you know that 75 per cent of electrical use by home electronics occurs when they are on standby.

Time to switch

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