Motorcyclist & pregnant wife skid & fall on wet concrete at HDB multi-storey carpark in Woodlands

Sembawang Town Council has taken action against the contractor.

Nigel Chua | May 04, 2021, 08:37 PM

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A motorcyclist entering a multi-storey HDB carpark made it up the first ramp after the entrance and turned the corner, only to find himself skidding on wet concrete.

The motorcyclist and his pregnant wife, who was riding with him on the motorcycle, fell to the ground.

The aftermath of the incident was captured in a video, which was posted on the Facebook page on May 4.

A still image in the video showed the motorcycle lying on the ground, with footprints and the tracks of various vehicles visible in the concrete.

Screenshot via on Facebook

One of the clips in the video appears to have been recorded by the motorcyclist, who returned to the accident scene later to record evidence that there was no signage indicating that the concrete was still wet.

"What is going on here ah?" says the motorcyclist in the clip, in Mandarin.

"They did not put up a signboard, and just did this here, the cement is not dry. My wife and I just fell here, at Woodlands Block 628B, near [Woodlands] Ring Road."

Block 628B along Woodlands Drive 52 is adjacent to Blk 626A, the location indicated by the video's caption.

"I would like to know what is being done here. Can things be done like this? There aren't any [safety] arrangements. How can motorcyclists not fall after coming up this ramp? [...] What can be done in order to avoid falling down?" asked the motorcyclist.

Wet concrete was located in a blind spot

He then showed how the patch of wet concrete was located in a blind spot behind a pillar, meaning that drivers and riders coming up the ramp might not be able to see the hazard and stop their vehicles in time.

Screenshot via on Facebook

As another rider navigated through a narrow space while coming down the ramp from a higher deck, the motorcyclist said:

"Look, this motorcycle is coming down [the ramp]. If the rider didn't notice, he would also have fallen down. It goes without saying that someone coming up [the ramp] would also fall, as this is in a blind spot."

Screenshot via on Facebook

Another clip in the video showed concrete smudged on the legs of the motorcyclist's wife, and on his own hand.

Screenshot via on Facebook

Screenshot via on Facebook

Sembawang Town Council says hazard "eliminated", action taken against contractor

Sembawang Town Council (SBTC), which manages the HDB estate where the incident happened, said that it received "feedback on unsafe work practices" on May 3, 2021 at around 8:23pm.

A spokesperson from SBTC told Mothership that the wet concrete was the result of "floor repair works" at the carpark, and that the contractor had put up barricades while the works were carried out.

However, the barricades were supposedly removed before the cement screed had completely set.

"Upon being alerted on the incident, safety cones were put up as a safety precaution for the other users of the carpark," said the spokesperson, adding that "the safety hazard was eliminated by the contractor immediately."

According to the spokesperson, action has been taken against the contractor for failing to comply with proper work procedures, although SBTC did not specify the details.

SBTC also said that it had contacted the motorcyclist, and "will do [its] best to assist him."

You can see the Facebook post here:

Top image via on Facebook