S'pore uncle sells ice cream sandwich in wrapper, says removing it means dining in


Lean Jinghui | May 20, 2021, 12:13 PM

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One Twitter user took to the platform to document his unique experience purchasing an ice cream sandwich from a local street vendor during Phase 2 Heightened Alert period.

Ice cream sandwich comes with wrapper

When receiving his order, he had noted that the uncle had put his ice cream sandwich into a plastic bag instead.

Upon asking further, he was told that the uncle had done so, as the government does not allow him to remove the ice cream wrapper.

The uncle added that doing so would be called dining in.

The tweet on May 17 has since garnered over 2,200 retweets, as the Twitter user recounted his curious exchange.

Speaking to Mothership on May 15, a day before the Heightened Alert restrictions started, an ice cream man at Orchard had also said that he understands eating ice cream on the street will not be allowed from May 16.

He decided to do deliveries instead during this period.

No granular specification given out to street vendors

However, Mothership understands that there is currently no granular specification given out to street vendors pertaining to the tightened restrictions.

Generally, for vendors like the ice cream uncle, who typically already do not have dine-in facilities, whatever food 'dabao-ed' from them would be considered takeaway food.

Tightened dine-in restrictions

On May 14, the government had announced that dining in will not be allowed, and social gatherings will be restricted to a maximum of two people from May 16 to June 13.

This is to reduce the risk of community transmission, particularly where customers dine for prolonged periods in close proximity with their masks off.

Only takeaway and delivery options will be available at all F&B establishments, including hawker centres and food courts.

Top image via Isaac Yeo Facebook and Almalik Faizal Twitter