Lamborghini in S'pore skids around corner, hits kerb, then makes illegal turn in front of bus


Jane Zhang | May 11, 2021, 07:46 PM

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This year's Formula 1 races may not be happening in Singapore until October at least, but that doesn't mean that there has been a lack of fast cars doing manoeuvres at high speed.

An orange Lamborghini was spotted driving dangerously along Raffles Avenue on May 8, skidding around a corner and doing an illegal left turn in front of a bus at a different traffic junction.

Failed high-speed turn

In a video posted on Facebook by, the orange Lamborghini was seen turning right from Raffles Boulevard onto Raffles Avenue. It did not appear to slow down as it started making the turn.

The Lamborghini then lost traction while turning on the wet road, skidding into the left lane of Raffles Avenue, and hitting the kerb.

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Illegal left turn in front of bus

Less than a minute later, the camera car pulled up in the lane next to the Lamborghini at the next traffic light, the intersection of Raffles Avenue and Bayfront Avenue.

When the light turned green, the Lamborghini — which was in the second lane from the right — accelerated and turned left directly in front of the bus that was in the far-left lane.

The bus driver quickly braked, avoiding a collision.

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According to Google Maps, vehicles are only allowed to turn left from the far left lane.

Image screenshot from Google Maps.

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