M'sia dog known for doing takeaway chicken rice dies after city council shoots it with tranquiliser

Rest in peace.

Lean Jinghui | May 19, 2021, 05:17 PM

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On the morning of May 17, a tragedy occurred.

According to the China Press, Xiao Bai, a local doggo in Miri, Sarawak, was shot by city council officers with a tranquilliser dart.

Xiao Bai subsequently never woke up.

A local darling

Over the years, Xiao Bai had gained somewhat of a reputation as Malaysia's favourite takeaway dog.

In several videos uploaded by Alex Sim, a chicken rice hawker in Miri, Xiao Bai is seen obediently 'dabao-ing' food Sim would pack for it.

It would then appear to trot off home.


Xiao Bai's death was first announced by Sim, in a Facebook post dated May 17.

The post has since garnered over 3.4k reactions, with several netizens who had followed the doggo's playful takeaway antics over the years offering their condolences.

Shot by City Council officers

China Press reported that on May 17 morning, Xiao Bai's owner had called for it to come home, but the doggo had run out instead; nothing out of the ordinary.

The owner noted something was amiss when she spotted several City Council officers in the vicinity, and realised that they were on the look out for stray dogs.

She immediately ran out to look for Xiao Bai. However, she was not able to locate the doggo.

At around 11am, she received a message from her children, informing her that Xiao Bai had been shot and was in a coma.

Never woke up

When she'd subsequently approached the Miri City Council officers for an explanation, they allegedly told her that Xiao Bai was only shot with tranquilliser drugs – it would wake up in two hours.

However, Xiao Bai never did.

By 4pm, the owner noted that Xiao Bai's body had already stiffened, and that was when she knew that Xiao Bai had passed on.

When she questioned the city council officers further, they allegedly informed her that Xiao Bai probably died because it had a poor immune system.

The owner added that she subsequently received a warning letter from the city council, for keeping an "unlicensed dog/wandering dog" in the neighbourhood.

On May 18, Sim, whose chicken rice stall Xiao Bai had frequented, dedicated another farewell post to the doggo:

"I hope people will not go around blaming each other, as the incident has already occurred.

Xiao Bai trusted humans, but had its life taken by humans in the end.

Here, Xiao Bai, good dog.

I'll never see you again, Xiao Bai, so long."

Top image via Alex Sim Facebook