'Grenade' found at construction site in Kuala Lumpur turns out to be a power bank

The only kind of grenade I'd catch for ya.

Karen Lui | May 10, 2021, 04:28 PM

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Last month, a World War 2 bomb found in Germany turned out to be a sex toy.

In Kuala Lumpur, a "grenade" was recently found on a construction site.

It was later revealed to be a power bank shaped to look like the explosive.

Image by Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC on Facebook.

False alarm

The item was first discovered on May 7 at around 12 noon.

The police, forensic team, and Bomb Disposal Unit (UPB) subsequently went down to the Tun Razak Exchange construction site upon receiving a call about the "grenade".

Image by Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC on Facebook.

One Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC recounted the events in a Facebook post.

Image by Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC on Facebook.

According to Syuhada, he dialled 999 at 12:05pm after a sub-contractor alerted him about discovering the "grenade" after digging in the drain.

World of Buzz reported that the police received the call at 12:41pm noon.

Image by Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC on Facebook.

The forensics team did a sweep of the area to check for any other explosives in the area at 2:00pm.

By 2:10pm, Syuhada received the news that the "grenade" was just a power bank and it was all just a false alarm.

The post has garnered 427 comments, 820 shares, and 990 reactions at the time of writing.

Most netizens left comments expressing their amusement at the situation. Some commended Syuhada for alerting the relevant authorities immediately and the police for taking swift and serious action.

Top images by Mohd Nurul Syuhada WC on Facebook.