Carpooling services including GrabHitch, RydePool not allowed from May 16 to Jun. 13: LTA

Non-commercial carpooling trips are still permitted if group sizes are kept to two people.

Julia Yeo | May 16, 2021, 11:11 AM

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has implemented a series of measures during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period from May 16 to Jun. 13.

All commercial carpooling services suspended until June 13

All forms of commercial carpooling services such as GrabHitch and RydePool will be disallowed during this period.

"Such services include drivers receiving payment for ferrying passengers while en-route to their destination," LTA explained.

Licensed carpooling operators have suspended these services from their platforms, said the authority.

On the morning of May 16, Grab notified its app users that the carpooling service has been suspended as of midnight.

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Ryde has also updated on their website that RydePool has been ceased temporarily.

Non-commercial carpooling trips are only permitted among friends or colleagues if the prevailing permissible group size of two people is adhered to.

For example, if a group of colleagues is travelling together, they must split into groups of not more than two, LTA said.

Commuters are encouraged to use public transport, taxis and Private Hire Cars (PHCs) booked through the respective ride-hail applications.

Members of the public who come across individuals providing illegal carpooling services may notify LTA through the OneMotoring portal.

More than two passengers allowed to travel together in taxi or PHC if they are from the same household

The updated restrictions on group sizes will apply to taxis and PHCs, to ensure that they do not carry more than two passengers unless they are from the same household.

Passengers from different households are required to keep to the two-passenger limit when travelling in taxis and PHCs.

However, more than two passengers can travel together in a taxi or PHC if they all live in the same household.

For example, a parent can travel with their two children if they live together.

It is mandatory for passengers and drivers to wear their mask at all times.

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