A household of more than 2 can exercise outdoors together & more FAQs about 2 pax rule answered

However, they should split up in pairs, with safe distancing between each pair.

Mandy How | May 18, 2021, 04:08 PM

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Singapore has imposed a limit of two persons on social gatherings to curb the spread of Covid-19.

This will last till June 13, 2021.

However, the move, which began enforcement just two days after it was announced on May 14, left residents unclear over some grey areas.

In response, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has addressed five frequently asked questions on May 17.

Here's a summary of the points:

1. House owners can still carry out renovation works

But only two workers are allowed in the house for the whole day, with no other visitors allowed on the same day.

This means that different contractors are permissible, but subject to the two distinct visitors per day rule.

However, if the house is vacant (i.e. not occupied by any resident), there is no cap to the number of contractors allowed in the house.

Contractors can also carry out renovation works at more than one house a day, as the limit of visiting two households per day does not apply to those who need to do so to carry out renovation or repair work.

2. Office meetings can accommodate more than two people

The two pax rule applies to non-work interactions, Ong clarified.

However, all employees should be properly masked and at least 1m apart.

Additionally, social gatherings are not allowed at work, and staff should have their meals individually.

They should also be working from home wherever possible.

3. A family with more than two members can do outdoor exercises together

But they should split up in pairs and practice safe distancing between each pair.

"This is to avoid encouraging others who may not be from the same household to do likewise," Ong explained.

For outdoor group exercises involving people from different households:

  • With masks off - Max of two persons (including the instructor)
  • With masks on - Max of 30 in groups of two (conducted by instructor)

4. Taxi drivers/deliverymen can eat at void decks

For these workers, as well as others who are on the move all the time, they can eat their takeaway meals at void decks or in their cars.

The same rules applies — no socialising.

Hawkers who have limited space within their stalls can also eat at the table directly in front of their stalls.

You can read more about the exception here:

5.  A household with more than two members can travel in the same taxi/private hire car

Ong said that the government will also be flexible towards families fetching their elderly parents who do not live with them for essential activities, such as medical appointments.

You can share a ride with colleagues, but this will be subject to the two-passenger rule.

If a group of colleagues has to travel somewhere, they must split into pairs.

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