5 workers from Westlite Woodlands likely reinfected with Covid-19: MOH

Several others were found to be shedding fragments of the virus.

Fasiha Nazren | April 27, 2021, 11:36 PM

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed 12 new cases of Covid-19 infection on April 27.

This brings the total number of cases in Singapore to 61,063.

Sole community case

There is one case in the community today that is linked to a previous case.

Case 62485 is a 42-year-old male Indonesian national who is a sea crew working on board bunker tanker MT ALLI.

He had not disembarked from the vessel except to go for his Covid-19 vaccination.

He was placed on quarantine at a dedicated facility on April 18 as he had been identified as a close contact of Case 62113.

He was tested for Covid-19 during quarantine on April 19 which came out negative.

He subsequently developed a cough and sore throat on April 25 and reported his symptoms.

He was conveyed to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) the next day where his test result came back positive for Covid-19 infection, and his serology test is negative.

Case 62485 received his first dose of Covid-19 vaccine on April 8.

As it typically takes a few weeks for an individual to build up immunity after completing vaccination, MOH said that he was likely to have been infected before he was conferred protection after vaccination.

24 recovered dormitory workers test positive; 5 likely re-infected

As part of MOH's investigations, MOH and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) commenced a special testing operations to test residents of Westlite Woodlands Dormitory, including recovered workers, for Covid-19 infection.

24 recovered workers were found to be positive for Covid-19 and were immediately isolated and conveyed to the NCID.

Here are some details on the 24 workers:

  • 11 cases have been assessed to be shedding virus fragments
  • Five are likely to be cases of Covid-19 reinfection, all of whom occupied the same room in the dormitory
  • Two cases have been determined to be negative for Covid-19 upon retesting
  • Six are pending assessment by the expert panel

All five re-infected cases occupied the same room as two workers who tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this month: Cases 62181 and 62225.

The ministry said that the among the five re-infection cases, two had recently arrived from Bangladesh on April 6:

"Our epidemiological investigations found that they were likely to have been infected while overseas, and passed the infection to the others in the room."

11 imported cases

There are 11 imported cases reported today. They arrived from places such as India, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

All had already been placed on Stay Home Notice (SHN) upon arrival in Singapore and were tested while serving SHN.

Here's a summary of the imported cases:

22 more cases discharged

22 more cases of Covid-19 infection have been discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities.

Here are more local Covid-19 statistics:

  • 60,704 have fully recovered and have been discharged
  • 108 cases are still in hospital
  • 221 are isolated at community facilities
  • 30 have passed away from complications due to Covid-19 infection

New locations

MOH regularly updates a list of public places visited by confirmed cases for more than 30 minutes during their infectious period.

There are no new locations reported today.

This is the latest list of locations visited by confirmed cases within the last two weeks.

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