S'pore street dog with swollen snout diagnosed with cancer, to be only given as pain-free an existence as possible

This is understood to mean that there is no cure.

Belmont Lay | April 22, 2021, 02:57 AM

A community dog in Singapore with a swollen snout has been diagnosed with cancer.

The bad news came on April 12, a week after an appeal was put up on Facebook on April 5 to request for the public to render monetary help to pay for the dog's medical treatment.

When the dog was first taken in for treatment at Animal World Veterinary, the cause of the growth was not known, but caregivers were prepared for a high medical bill.

The dog, Mandai Mama, was unable to eat and drink due to its ailment, the post revealed then.

One of the photos even showed the dog drooling from the mouth.

Mandai Mama resided in the northern part of Singapore, the post said, and as her name suggests.

Bad news

On April 17, it was revealed in an update on Facebook that Mandai Mama had cancer, which had spread, and it is inoperable.

However, she still showed no signs of pain.

The post no longer spoke about treatment, but turned to talk of providing palliative care for the dog and ensuring she felt as normal as possible.

This is understood to mean that there is no feasible cure that can be tried to rescue Mandai Mama.

Palliative care for the dog is provided for in a retirement home environment.

Remaining pain-free

And to show what palliative care entails, Mandai Mama was photographed being allowed outdoors and given a place to receive attention and affection.

The latest April 21 post read: "She will only be needing palliative care at the moment. She is recovering well in a home environment under the wonderful folks from Gentle Paws! She is eating and moving independently."

"We will continue to support Mandai Mama's medical care and palliative care as long as she is pain-free and eating well," the post also said.

About Mandai Mama

Although a street dog, Mandai Mama was originally part of the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) programme, where she had been sterilised and returned to the public area, but put under the care of feeders.