Visiting China nationals completed vaccination but tested Covid-19 positive: M'sian state official

Sim Kui Hian still urged people in Sarawak to get vaccinated to prevent community transmission and lower their risk of infection.

Sulaiman Daud | April 12, 2021, 01:50 PM

A Malaysian state official in Sarawak warned that a number of visitors from China who have completed two doses of Covid-19 vaccination still tested positive for the virus.

Sim Kui Hian, a politician serving as the state minister for local government and housing said in a Facebook post on April 6 that a vaccination passport does not guarantee 100 per cent immunity.

Imported cases from China

He pointed out that it takes two to three weeks after the vaccination for sufficient antibodies to form in the body, and that efficiency varied between vaccines.

He also warned that new variants of the virus are emerging.

Sim wrote: "Out of 54,000 vaccinated in Sarawak, we had a very small numbers of people who still become COVID19 positive (1-3 weeks post vaccination for various reasons)."

"Not surprising as we already had seen imported cases from China who had completed 2 doses of vaccines in China last year but found to be COVID19 positive when entering Kuching due to our compulsory quarantine and PCR swab tests."

Sim did not give the number of imported cases from China, nor the name of the vaccine that these visitors had taken.

He also wrote that two doses may qualify an individual for a vaccine "passport", but it does not guarantee complete and total immunity.

Still important to get vaccinated

Despite this, Sim urged people in Sarawak to get immunised.

He reminded them that a sufficient percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated to prevent community transmission.

Also, the faster the rate of vaccination, the lower the risk of new Covid-19 variants emerging.

However, even though vaccines may not provide 100 per cent immunity, it still lowers the chances of getting infected.

And if one is unfortunate enough to get infected, the vaccine helps to lower the severity of the infection, and possibly avoid hospitalisation and death.

You can see his post below:

Singapore case

In Singapore, a man who completed two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine tested positive for the virus more than a month after his second dose.

The Ministry of Health said that it is possible for a vaccinated individual to get infected with Covid-19, although the vaccine is effective in preventing symptomatic disease for the vast majority of those vaccinated.

Further research is required to determine if the vaccination will also prevent onward transmission of the infection. Epidemiological investigations are in progress.

Top image from Sim Kui Hian's Facebook page.