Ramen Champion closing Bugis+ outlet from April 26, will be back at new location soon

Last chance for that ramen fix.

Lean Jinghui | April 23, 2021, 12:38 PM

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You might know Ramen Champion as that restaurant at the top floor of Bugis+ you go to when you're with a big group, and crave some Japanese cuisine.

Sadly, fans will have to bid the popular chain a temporary goodbye, as it will be closing down for a period of time.

Operating until April 25

In a Facebook and Instagram post, Ramen Champion announced on Thursday, April 22, that it'd be shuttering with effect from April 26.

It's last day of operations at Bugis+ is on April 25, so fans can still catch it over the weekend for one last ramen fix.

In the post, Ramen Champion wrote that this was a temporary arrangement, and that they would be back.

While the reason of the closure was not specified, it was mentioned that they would be "back at a new location", with even more ramen choices soon.


Ramen Champion is one of the few restaurants in Singapore home to a cluster of ramen stalls.

According to its website, Ramen Champion competitions are held annually in all major cities in Japan, before the restaurant organiser brings the winning stalls from Japan to Singapore.

Currently, brands at the Bugis+ outlet include Buta God, Menya Ryu, Ikkyu, and Don Meijin.

Top image via Ramen Champion Singapore Facebook