Broad daylight carjacking in M'sia stopped by motorists who chased down thief

He was dragged out of the car and detained by passersby.

Andrew Koay | April 15, 2021, 06:29 PM

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A carjacker — acting in broad daylight — was foiled by passersby who swiftly moved to the aid of the victim.

The incident, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, was recorded and uploaded onto Facebook by a user named Kokong Yee.

In the first of three videos, a woman can be seen standing outside a Honda City at a traffic light, opening what appears to be the rear passenger door and getting in before exiting the car again.

Gif of the woman trying to stop the car thief.

The dashcam footage then abruptly jumps forward to about 30 seconds later, with the camera's car and three others in pursuit of the car thief.

After one failed attempt to corner the Honda, the second video shows that the four cars managed to box the stolen vehicle in and bring it to a halt.

Gif of the car being boxed in

A man promptly approaches the car, and drags the driver — who's shirt appears to be torn — out of the vehicle, trips him and pins the carjacker down.

The woman arrives shortly after and the thief is confronted by a group of men.

Gif of the driver being dragged out of the car

The last video shows the carjacker lying limply on the ground as several people stand over him.

A fairly common occurrence

According to the Malay Mail, a district police chief said that the woman had fled her car upon seeing the man enter forcefully through its rear.

"As soon as she exited the car, the suspect got into the driver’s seat and sped off," said assistant commissioner Anuar Omar.

"Several other motorists who witnessed the incident went on a pursuit and managed to block the suspect near Jalan 2/149 heading towards Sri Petaling."

Anuar added that the suspect was arrested at the scene and investigations are underway.

Malay Mail's report also cited a recent study which found that one vehicle is stolen every 75 minutes in Malaysia.

Top image from Kokong Yee's Facebook