S'pore doggo previously abused & hit with metal rod by owner has found a forever home

Lucky to have him.

Ashley Tan | April 21, 2021, 02:43 PM

Lucky the dog, that was previously abused by his owner in Singapore, has been fortunate enough to have been rescued, and has even managed to find a fur-ever home.

What happened to Lucky?

Lucky's plight was first made known on Facebook by local dog welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS).

The dog was rescued from his abusive owner in February early this year by the Animal Veterinary Service, a branch of National Parks Board (NParks). Lucky was subjected to various forms of abuse, such as being dragged by his legs, having a metal weight tied to his neck, and being whacked by a metal rod.

Lucky was subsequently moved to the AVS pound, where he was observed to have a "friendly personality".

Bailed out of AVS pound

A month after his rescue, CDAS revealed that Lucky was bailed out of the pound on Mar. 31.

Photo from CDAS / FB

On his bail out day, CDAS shared that the dog was "still running around in desperate attempts to open doors — somewhat similar to how he wanted to escape from his previous home".

The staff at AVS had affectionately named him Pooh Bear.

Photo from CDAS / FB

Photo from CDAS / FB


On Apr. 18, CDAS shared another piece of good news.

Lucky had finally found his forever family, and was apparently being "spoilt rotten" at his new home.

Here's Lucky living in bliss:

Photo from CDAS / FB

Photo from CDAS / FB

Photo from CDAS / FB

Truly lucky.

Top photo from CDAS / FB